Butt, Butt, Butt

B-zmt4_WsAAE5CY (1)

Well, well, well. It has taken me all day to get over the shock of seeing Palin making an arse of herself. Again.

I still haven’t listened to the entire speech. Six minutes at the start and the Q & one word answer was as much as I could stomach. However…I did grab some screenshots. 😉

B-zmt4_WsAAE5CYcopyIf you look very closely, she seems to have an inverted nipple on her right, shiny buttocks. Mebbe she got the boobs and the butt mixed up. It could happen to anyone.

buttyWhat can I say. Nothing. But I will anyway. Who told this woman that it was a good idea to go out and give a speech in a rubber slip? Probably Bristol.


pad2Like I am half blind, but even I can see what is going on here. You betcha! And she has a dark stain going on also and too.

butt enhancersI think she went for number 4.

I was going to talk about her front…

front2But I couldn’t be arsed.

This needs to be included.

2000 (1)

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7 Responses to Butt, Butt, Butt

  1. Moles says:

    Are my eyes going or did she forget to put on her skirt?

  2. Spike says:

    I can’t quit laughing at little miss bubble butt. Game of darts anybody?

  3. stillregina says:

    Fake belly, fake boobs, fake butt, fake teeth, fake hair. Have I missed anything? 😉

  4. stillregina says:

    I don’t know how to post photos, but have a look at #8, black panties.


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