Sarah Palin And Too Many Meds

PalinceptionWhat in dog’s name is she trying to pull off here? Someone needs to drag her away from the camera and do something – what I don’t know. That gaunt cheekbone look and the grey military outfit, coupled with the permanently amazed eyebrows, wonky eye and pursed lips is probably one of the worst pics I have ever seen of her. So all is good! šŸ˜‰ In other news,Ā Miss *Don’t Know When To Sit Down And Shut The FuckĀ Up* was also responsible for the great success of Game Change according to the producer Danny Strong.

The people that were working for her held a huge press conference the week before the film came out, and they said, ‘We have not seen this movie, but it is all lies.’ And it was kind of amazing because the amount of press we got — that they sparked by holding that press conference — propelled the film into being themost-watched HBO movie in a decade because it dominated the press cycle. And I just always thought it was strange. Why did they attack it before they had seen it and point out things that they said weren’t accurate? And then when the film came out, they said, ‘We have seen the movie now, and it’s all lies.’ And it didn’t get much media coverage because they had already sort of said it was all lies before they had seen it. It was intense, but we were grateful to the press because it was great for the movie.

I love that her gang are responsible for the success of the movie. They are just incapable of learning.

And to get the bad taste of Palin out of your mouth. Enjoy this. The Britney impression of Three Little Pigs by Christine Agueilara is hilarious.

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