Palin Brings Her Rack To The National Erection Society

n6She wants to climb higher. Mercy me. I am at a loss for words.

These Republicans sure do want to share their sexual exploits. We don’t have sex in Ireland, so I rilly don’t know what to say.

Look what I found.

buttSpider, spider on the wall, who has the skinniest legs of them all?

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20 Responses to Palin Brings Her Rack To The National Erection Society

  1. ProfessorCanine says:

    There exists a porn video titled “Palin-Erection Day”…..

  2. MrsGunka says:

    Is that why you are coming to the USA? 🙂 I almost sprayed peach yogurt all over my keyboard!

  3. irishgirl999 says:

    National Association of Tower Erectors doesn’t expect the former Alaska governor to address erector issues specifically, but rather deliver an “inspirational message.”

  4. NoNeckMonsta says:

    She has no neck. That hunchback gets worse with every passing day. Bone loss from the drugs?

  5. Titlewave says:

    If you’re famous and want to go incognito to Disney world with your daughter, definitely wear something understated that will blend into the crowd, like a BIG OL’ HONKING FLAG SHIRT.
    Then you won’t have to waste precious mom/daughter time taking all those selfies with strangers who otherwise would have recognized you.

  6. sallyinmi says:

    For two women who are always professing all over their blogs and FB pages about how much they love their families, they sure are gone away from them as often as possible. And please, bristol, no more lying about actually having a job. No medical office would put up with your flitting around for weeks at a time, unless they were being paid off. And Sarah? You are despicable. Your younger children need a mother, or is Sis helping with that? Again. Still. Are you paying her too, to do your job for you? Heaven knows mothers don’t make any money raising kids; the pay is in watching them grow and develop and learn new skills that will serve them well into know, like reading, writing, math, graduating from high school and college, and getting and working at a real job? Or maybe you don’t know. You’ve never really worked, have you? And Lord knows Bristol has never done anything worthwhile for society.

  7. Pvaz says:

    She’s with her base!

  8. Scarsdale says:

    Is Bristles (aka Fertile Myrtle) pregnant AGAIN? Her shape seems odd, not like a 24 year old at all. Her boobs are flat, unlike the chest that she displayed at the airport photo, where she was sitting on a seat. In that photo she looked like she had a chest like the one she had at the first convention when she was supposedly only just pregnant. The grey dress that was tight across the chest. Bristles is in training for a political office. She claims she would like to run for office some day. With her qualifications well, GOOD LUCK.

  9. Marie says:

    If you see pictures from her CPAC speech from the rear, I have a question. Is she wearing a “butt” shaper? Her skinny ass doesn’t have that much definition.

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