Wot To Wear And Wot Not To Wear With Your Daugher’s Little White Dress


When I was eighteen years old, I was invited to a college ball. Most people wore long dresses to the balls.  My first ball dress was an absolute disaster. I was in First Year and I didn’t really know what people wore to these occasions and didn’t have much money, so I didn’t have much of a choice. I can remember wearing something that looked like wot Queen Victoria would have worn.

ballImagine a style something like that but in a wine colour with white lacing around a square neck. I shudder everytime I think about that fecking dress…  Shudder.

shudderWell, my friends and I got invited to a few college balls over the years, and we learned to pass around the dresses. Not quite to the extent of the Palins.

Then one year, my heart having been broken by a cad (a two year romance), I was invited to a ball that I knew with certainty he would be at with his new girlfriend. However, even though my poor heart was bleeding, I was determined to look a million dollars, with no dollars. So off I went shopping and arrived home with a little black number. It had some sort of small gold design on the front, like a Z, and a tiny gold belt. It probably cost me 20 quid. Which was a lot!

I don’t know how I found them or how I afforded them, but I purchased a pair of high heeled gold shoes. Being spurned gives you powers you never dreamed of. 😉

So, I arrived at the ball in all my splendour. Everyone had on their long dresses and I had my above knee length black number and my gold shoes. When I saw my ex’s mouth gape open, I knew it was worth it. He wasn’t laughing at me.

The moral of the story is that one has to build on an outfit. 🙂 I had the little touches of gold going on, so the shoes complimented it. I was too poor to have jewellery.

Sarah Palin had a white ugly, fugly, over-used outfit with blocky black boots. That is a no no. Take it from me. Been there, done that with my Victorian outfit.

These ladies know how to accessorize their ourfits.

051410-Jacket-400_0051410-Tan-Accessories-400_0051410-Scarf-400_0And finally…

the best

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18 Responses to Wot To Wear And Wot Not To Wear With Your Daugher’s Little White Dress

  1. 40Watt says:

    May I add one more? (You do realize that’s a rhetorical question? 😉 )

  2. ProfessorCanine says:

    Some can pull it off with nary an accessory……

  3. MrsGunka says:

    She is so out of her league…..anyone’s league. Poor Sarah. 🙂

  4. PalinsHoax says:

    The dress isn’t the only thing that Mommy borrowed from her daughter. She’s also doing the Bisdull Palin Pavement Puddler stance.

  5. crow says:

    These SNL photos are actually Palin’s first 2016 campaign posters…

    The caption under the first picture in the post says: “Hi. I’m Sarah Palin and “I’m seriously considering running for President”.

    And this one says: “I’m ready to stare down Putin.”

    And here she is with her domestic affairs advisor (in Todd’s absence) already holding her purse.

  6. Liar, Liar, Scarah! says:

    Uh…..Because it is fugly????!!!!

  7. Scarsdale says:

    As with EVERYTHING else, $carah is unteachable. Did you ever see how she dressed before she came down to the lower 48? Like a bag lady. Alaska has a population of around 700,000, so the PayMe’s were big fish in a small pond. Country bumpkins had no idea how immense the lower 48 would be. The latest show she appears on with the Sportsman Channel must be tanking. No talent, but they keep on trying to “go Hollywood”

  8. psminidivapa says:

    A few years ago, I voraciously watched the British TV show “What Not to Wear,” with Trinny and Susanna. (There was a later American version, but it was terrible) Anyway, I always followed T & S’s “rules” about what to/what not to wear. They made perfect sense and one could see the results in the end. They would put the “client” into the 360 mirror and show just why they should not wear what they had on. I was reminded of Trinny and Susanna when I saw what Scarah wore to the SNL event. What NOT to wear (according to the “rules”): shoes that cut off your leg (check), color that was not flattering (check), dress that accentuated your worst assets (check), dress that hid your best assets (check), dress that was too old/young for your age (check), dress that was inappropriate for the event (check), accessories that did not go with dress (check), cheap hose (check). I would pay BIG BUCKS to hear Trinny and Susanna take on Scarah in that outfit. (Also,too, because they were very snarky in a British way!)

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