Will The White House Snub AIPAC?

netCourtesy of Haartez:

The administration has been signaling that this year’s conference of America’s leading pro-Israel lobby may not be attended by a Cabinet-level guest.

The White House is mulling ways to undercut Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming trip to Washington and blunt his message that a potential nuclear deal with Iran is bad for Israel and the world in what has become a nasty grudge match.

There are limits. Administration officials have discarded the idea of President Barack Obama himself giving an Iran-related address to rebut the two speeches Netanyahu is to deliver during his early March visit. But other options remain on the table.

Among them: a presidential interview with a prominent journalist known for coverage of the rift between Obama and Netanyahu, multiple Sunday show television appearances by senior national security aides and a pointed snub of America’s leading pro-Israel lobby, which is holding its annual meeting while Netanyahu is in Washington, according to the officials.

The administration has already ruled out meetings between Netanyahu and Obama, saying it would be inappropriate for the two to meet so close to Israel’s March 17 elections. But the White House is now doubling down on a cold-shoulder strategy, including dispatching Cabinet members out of the country and sending a lower-ranking official than normal to represent the administration at the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the officials said.

Vice President Joe Biden will be away, his absence behind Netanyahu conspicuous in coverage of the speech to Congress. Other options were described by officials, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss internal deliberations.

I believe the administration is thinking of sending John Kerry abroad as well so unfortunately he will miss the speech as well. 😉

I actually can’t understand how those fiscally conservative politicians in Congress invited the Yahoo to speak to them. (Well yes I can.) Old Bibi is in a bit of trouble back home.

Courtesy of Slate:

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara spent $68,000 in two years on makeup, hairstyling, and “presentation,” a report by the country’s comptroller says…

Comptroller Joseph Shapira also found that the Netanyahus spent $41,000 in one year on takeout meals, or $111 a day, despite employing an in-house chef and spending an additional $213 daily on groceries and other food and entertainment expenses for the “prime minister, his family and his guests.”

In addition to documenting extravagance, the report suggests that the Netanyahus could be subject to potential criminal charges for hiring a political ally named Avi Fahima to perform electrical work on their seaside home in Caesarea. (A criminal investigation of the couple is also underway in the matter of Sara Netanyahu’s alleged embezzlement of the deposit money you get for returning bottles to the supermarket.)

They sound just like the McDonnells of Virginia. Why are Republicans such grifters?

I would like to see every single Democrat get up the moment Bibi begins his speech and walk out leaving the seats empty. On camera. Don’t give the GOP an opportunity to fill the seats with staffers by not turning up.

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10 Responses to Will The White House Snub AIPAC?

  1. 40Watt says:

    The article about the bottles is astonishing. Apart from the money grubbing aspect, how much do you get back on a bottle in Israel? Or is it a case of how many bottles?

    “The price of the alcohol Netanyahu drinks in a month is equal to the monthly salary of almost a million workers in Israel.”


  2. Scarsdale says:

    Mrs. Netanyahoo took a journalist on a tour of their living quarters, to show what poor condition it is in. Trouble is, it was the SERVANT’S quarters she showed, not the REAL living quarters. Maybe Bohner can arrange to increase the aid to Israel so they can improve those living quarters? Boehner should be arrested as a traitor to this country. If he EVER sobers up, he might be sorry he acted this way.They resent President Obama since he is everything they are not. Handsome, smooth, highly intelligent. Boehner’s daughter is married to a Jamaican who has those Rastafarian dreadlocks. Maybe he takes that dislike out on the President?

  3. ProfessorCanine says:

    “Menny Naftali provided recordings and documents detailing alleged financial abuse by the Netanyahus.”

    Read more: PM’s ex-caretaker gives 11 hours police testimony on alleged spending abuse.

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