Sarah Palin, The Alaskan Mafia And The Fear Of Reprisal

Matt Lewis who wrote an article in The Daily Beast this week criticizing Palin appeared on Weekends with Alex Witt (MSNBC). I think he has known for years that Palin is a complete fraud. He did think she had raw political talent earlier on and that she squandered the opportunity afforded her, but the tease went on for far too long. I laughed when he said her speeches have been pretty much incoherent for years. Yet the GOP still stuck by her.

What was very, very interesting was his statement that now the fear of reprisal has gone.

Yup, Palin had her paid and not-paid minions terrorize anyone who was critical of her. Remember what Joe McGinniss went through – the hounds of hell were unleashed. All that are left now are the sad sacks over at the urinal and a few Mediaite trolls. And that ain’t enough!

I have done numerous posts about Dairygate over the years and it was more than obvious that the Palins and their sycophants (Kristen Cole) went after two honest men in the dairy and tried to smear their names so that the Palin mafia could enrich their buddies. This information was gleaned from reading her emails.

Yes, the Palins were renowned for reprisal. I, the blogee, and some of my blogee buddies know why people were afraid to speak. The Palins would ruin you – financially or otherwise. They really were the Alaskan mafia.

I want to see Palin destroyed. It is not enough that she disappears off the scene (though that would be good). That horrible family needs to pay for the misery that they have inflicted on others.

I hope that Babygate and Dairygate and all of her other odious gates will be exposed in the near future.

Fuc_  you, Sarah Palin. The GOP have you in their sights now.

quarter inch target with cross hairs

It is just a surveyor thingy, don’t get too upset.

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7 Responses to Sarah Palin, The Alaskan Mafia And The Fear Of Reprisal

  1. 40Watt says:

    I wonder if the fear of reprisal has reached or will reach Wasilla and surrounds. There is a difference between being afraid of being beaten up on Twitter and the fear of losing one’s job and/or not being hired at all.

    I hope the good people of Alaska know, you will be admired, supported and helped in every way possible if you can bring yourself to speak out about what you know – not to be vindictive but to make things right for those who have felt the vindictiveness of this family.

  2. Scorpie says:

    I believe that the best thing would be to see her and the toad clothed in orange jumpsuits doing a perp walk. Think I would pay to see that.

  3. ProfessorCanine says:

    • ProfessorCanine says:

      This t-shirt is WAY cool also too….

      • Scarsdale says:

        I doubt enough people would spend money on a shirt with that bitch’s face on it. Especially since she does not look anything like that now. If proceeds went to the Hilary camp, maybe? Someone pointed out that her eyebrows now look like the McDonald’s arches!! All that plastic surgery and she ends up looking like THAT!! She would have been smarter taking voice lessons and getting an education, Too late for that, can not teach an OLD dog new tricks especially when they could not learn anything when they were young. Bristles has mentioned running for political office, imagine that! Must be the lure of the free money. I doubt if another PayMe will be able to fleece people like the scrawny old hag did. Bristles should close her legs, if she is able to put them together these days, stop procreating and get an education.

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