Palin *TV* Bloggee Thingy Runs Riot

drum_aniSince that dreaded Iowa incident, Palin’s maw has been clenched in anger. She now is reduced to Facebook and her *TV* bloggee thingy.

Our friend, Fartknocker, over at the Wonkettes keeps us updated on Palin’s farts and word salads. Apparently she has been farting mad all week on her bloggee. She who can’t go to CPAC, because they changed the rules this week, had many utterances this week. Four *TV* posts. I kid you not.

Undeterred by her fiasco in Iowa, Palin presses ever forward, dumping word salad on the Internet’s face forever and ever. And don’t fool yourself, it’s not like this is good word salad, either. It is word salad with olive pits in it, so when you bite down on it, you crack your molars. It is word salad made of cheese rinds and half-composted apple cores and things that have no business being in a properly constructed word salad at all. Things that could have only gotten there by dint of the salad maker’s malice or apathy…
[…] Now Attkisson — good for her, she’s suing the Obama Justice Department and accusing President Obama’s administration of illegal [sic] watching her while she reported on his scandals. There are a bunch of ‘em, right? From Benghazi to Fast and Furious to Obamacare, et cetera.


We are illegal watching you too.

These tiny, bush-league production mistakes are littered throughout this week’s screechfest. Hidden amid the boilerplate Tea Party howls, they dart out from behind cruel-faced rocks to attack Yr Wonket’s ears, and they are driving us mad. Worse and more terrifying still are the instances in which there’s a clear splicing of clips, a clear effort by the Sarah Palin Channel’s editors to prevent a sentence from devolving into Palinese. There is an effort, and then there is a failing, and it is difficult to watch.

The ability to express ourselves, it’s one of the foundational principles of this nation. Reclassifying broadband as a telecommunications service would almost certainly threaten. [sic]

Well, as the President piles more taxes on all of us…

Yes, reclassifying broadband is very threaten.  That is it. The sentence then dies and leaves you hanging.

I just thought I would pass that on. 😉

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5 Responses to Palin *TV* Bloggee Thingy Runs Riot

  1. pvaz says:

    I think she’s gonna do that in the buff thing , with leather next, along with her political offspring, Bristol.

  2. Titlewave says:

    “Worse and more terrifying still are the instances in which there’s a clear splicing of clips, a clear effort by the Sarah Palin Channel’s editors to prevent a sentence from devolving into Palinese.”

    “Abort, abort, ABORT!!”

  3. stillregina says:

    She could have had her hair wrapped in a towel, to go with the blue dressing gown…

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