Palin Drunk In Ohio? Texas The Palin Of The States!

moose nuggetJim Schutze of the Dallas Observer  believes that

Texas Is Becoming the Sarah Palin of States, and not in the Good MILF-y Way

And he has this to say about Palin…

She is an idiot. She is a moron. She is an uneducated, ill-read and ill-informed person of atrocious taste and horrible conduct whose appalling hillbilly brood gets into drunken brawls in which people call each other fucking c*nts in public.

I am so angry with us liberals for allowing you to miss all that, the flaw, the harbinger. Was it because we knew how in love you were? Karen Tumulty in The Washington Post remembered yesterday that after Palin’s appearance in a 2008 vice presidential debate, National Review Editor Rich Lowry said, “It was so sparkling it was almost mesmerizing. It sent little starbursts through the screen and ricocheting around the living rooms of America.”

It’s all a process, isn’t it? Five years later she made her famous CPAC speech in which she said of husband, Todd, “He’s got the rifle, I got the rack.” And probably at that moment your eyebrows went up half a notch. I think you were beginning to suspect. He’s got the rifle, I got the rack? Somewhere in the backs of your minds you were beginning to wonder even then if she was truly presidential timber.

Her slurred speech in Iowa recently must have presented you with another thoroughly hair-raising possibility. What if she has the fundamental character flaw, the harbinger, and then on top of that she’s drunk on her ass? What might be expected of her at that point? He’s got the rifle, I got the rack, you fucking c*nts?

So this is where you are, Republicans. You are beginning to suspect that Sarah Palin, whom you loved, may be a vulgar idiot and a moron. What’s next? What else do you need to know about yourselves? This is where Texas comes into play.

Here in Texas we have elected an entire slate of Sarah Palins to most of the highest elective offices in our state. The little fandango with the state rep trying to make Muslims swear allegiance to America is but the beginning, the first taste.

The bolding and the * of the c word are mine, but Jim was not so delicate. 😉

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9 Responses to Palin Drunk In Ohio? Texas The Palin Of The States!

  1. irishgirl999 says:


    Regarding the 2016 presidential race: Would he choose his former running mate, Sarah Palin, or his good friend Sen. Lindsey Graham?

    “Dark horse — watch them coming up. Lindsey Graham,” McCain said. “I have the greatest affection and appreciation of Sarah Palin. But I think in this time of great national peril, with the rise of ISIS and the challenges that we face worldwide, I think Lindsey is best equipped to address the challenges to our nation’s security.”

    Palin’s office did not immediately respond to request for comment. – See more at:

  2. Tumbleweed1 says:

    Mitt bowed out. Fancy that. Good call Mitt. He was worthless the first time around. Who’s up next…Jeb?
    This could be fun after all…..

    Hey, IG! What does the third week of September look like for you? I could do the second week if I had to and cracked the whip on everyone; but I always feel bad when I do that. Sorta. Not a LOT. But somewhat.

    Work flow works best for me to take time off the third week of the month. Lemme know what you think, yes? I will start researching flights.

  3. Lilylake says:

    Hello; it’s 11:00 Texas Time! Has “Palin’s “office” responded yet? Love the Observer piece.

  4. Scarsdale says:

    I agree Texass does have more than it’s share of loons in political office. They DID have one who was really special though, he got nowhere. His name was Kinky Friedman, and he was a riot. Had a dog he named Laura Bush, and a band named “Jews for Jesus” Saw him on 60 Minutes, and laughed the entire time. I wonder what happened to him? He was too honest for Texas, I guess.

  5. Scarsdale says:

    Everyone should google Marvin Bush. He is another Bush son with a sketchy resume. Strange what happened to his long-time babysitter also, too.

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