McCain Throws Palin Under The Bus

Sarah-Palin-bus-SarahPACCourtesy of KVNU:

McCain shared his Super Bowl pick — the Patriots, he said, citing his “mixed emotions” about the Seattle Seahawks’ star cornerback Richard Sherman, as an Arizona Cardinals fan.

Regarding the 2016 presidential race: Would he choose his former running mate, Sarah Palin, or his good friend Sen. Lindsey Graham?

“Dark horse — watch them coming up. Lindsey Graham,” McCain said. “I have the greatest affection and appreciation of Sarah Palin. But I think in this time of great national peril, with the rise of ISIS and the challenges that we face worldwide, I think Lindsey is best equipped to address the challenges to our nation’s security.”

Palin’s office did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Well I believe that this is the first time that McCain has even remotely suggested that Palin was/is unqualified for the presidency. And that is a biggie.

As Eric Boehlert wrote today…

This week’s messy, public breakup between conservatives and Sarah Palin was executed with brutal swiftness. After years of alternately worshiping and defending her from all comers while gleefully echoing her falsehoods about the Obama administration (death panels!), lots of conservatives — and especially conservative pundits — decided enough, and collectively tossed her overboard.

Palin’s speech last weekend at a conservative confab in Iowa, odd and vacuous even by her standards, served as the trigger for the media mutiny. Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough tagged it “a tragedy,” the Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis apologized for his previous Palin support, and the Washington Examiner rounded up reactions from the GOP faithful: “Long and disjointed.” “A weird speech.” “Terrible. Didn’t make any sense.” (See video of the speech below.)

After six years conservatives have essentially conceded what Palin’s critics on the Left have said all along: She’s not a serious person and she serves no serious political purpose. Palin, who symbolized an uber-aggressive anti-intellectual conservative push that coincided with Obama’s election, seemed more interested in self-promotion — via reality shows and habitually flirting with running for office that never materialized — than in building a lasting political legacy.

Note that Palin’s accelerated descent this week represents a larger trend within the conservative media. It represents the decline of the tea party wing of the right-wing press and how a once-flourishing enterprise of outside upstarts, with their eyes on disrupting the GOP hierarchy, have in recent years faded in terms of importance and prestige within that sphere.

One has to wonder whether this was in fact planned by the GOP. Sarah’s speech was bloody awful and chock-a-block full of crudeness and incoherency. However, while it probably was her worst speech to date, she has given other very bad speeches and responses to questions. The Couric and Gibson interviews, her take on Paul Revere were all pretty disasterous. So why now? Well it has become exceedingly obvious that she is not of sane mind lately, but we have all known that for a while now.

As Boehlert observed above, the GOP let her do the dirty work during President Obama’s term. Now that they are gunning for 2016, they don’t want her around. They used her.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no sympathy for that vile, old hooah and I hope she rots in hell. I find it interesting though to see how quickly she was discarded this week. Romney is out, and it looks like Jeb Bush will be the front runner for the GOP.

Does Karl Rove have a hand in this? Did he turn off the teleprompter?


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5 Responses to McCain Throws Palin Under The Bus

  1. Funny that Palin’s been farting up a windstorm for 6 years and Repubs are just now suddenly feeling overwhelmed by the fumes.

    Your site should have a little counter showing “Sarah Palin’s Friends, Allies & Supporters” so we could watch the number slowly shrink in real time.

  2. lindak1961 says:

    Good theory that the gop doesn’t want Palin around for 2016, but I doubt that she will go away quietly. She’s gonna cause trouble, but not for President Obama or the Democrats. She’s gonna cause trouble for the gopers.

    Pass the popcorn!

  3. diz says:

    Any chance Rove wrote the speech for her??

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