Hey, What’s Going On? The GOP Have Disowned The Palin!

What is going on is that the GOP have finally been embarrassed enough  by Madame Palin. Saturday was the last straw when she stood up there at a political event and made it all about her in a drunken and drugged stupor. For seven long years, only a few Republicans have admitted what most normal people saw the instant she gave that RNC speech. She was a vile creature.

They refused to acknowledge after the Gibson and Couric interviews, that she was a vacuous know-nothing. They fought the long fight blaming the media, liberals and anyone else who pointed out that she was a blithering but evil idiot.

It has come full circle now, and she mortified them in Iowa. They seemed to be ok with the brawl and her racism. I believe it was the quick descent of her coarseness that caused the outcry from the GOP. They have to hang onto the moderates and *Christians,* and this fuc_ you business, screw you shite, and riding some man’s poor bent back was going to lose them a shitload of voters…not to mind seeing Bristol in nothing but a leather collar! I forgot the crosshairs.

Palin thought she was invincible and that she could get away with anything. Anyone with a thinking brain could see she was going downhill, at speed. The GOP must have been wondering what the hell she would say next. It is about time they disowned her. It took them long enough.

Fuc_ them both, I say.


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12 Responses to Hey, What’s Going On? The GOP Have Disowned The Palin!

  1. m says:

    LOL, Oh lord here she goes again, She will be on Hannity tonight. Get your popcorn ready.

  2. Me Guest! says:

    Um, shouldn’t that be “know-nothing”?

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