Sarah Palin – Not Lovin’ It

toastedCourtesy of The Fartknocker at Wonkette:

This very same weekend, over on her EXCLUSIVE online teevee channel, Palin put on her red Presidentin’ blazer to President-splain what is wrong with B. Hussein Nobummer’s America — if you can even call this country America anymore, and Sarah Palin rather doubts that you can. Governor Quitterface took one look at McDonald’s rebooted “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign and decided that, well, that’s it right there, isn’t it? Everything that’s wrong with Obama’s America in a 60-second TV spot, because something something DEMOCRAT FAILED POLICIES.

Here’s what Sarah Palin thinks the McDonald’s ad should have said. Please keep in mind that this is ostensibly a scripted video.

The last screen of the McDonald’s ad says ‘Choose Lovin’.’ Maybe it should add, ‘Yeah, choose lovin’, but c’mon, be smart, choose leaders that don’t cripple the economy, won’t penalize businesses, they can trust you, the business owner, and the worker, that you won’t cause unemployment to keep skyrocketing to the degree that people can’t afford Chicken McNuggets off that 99-cent menu.’

Sarah rants on for nearly three minutes about the ad. The thinking behind the ad is as follows…

Can’t we all just get along? McDonald’s thinks so—and pushes global harmony hard in its new brand campaign, which refreshes the long-running “I’m lovin’ it” tagline by putting more focus on the lovin’.

The animated launch ad from Leo Burnett is called “Archenemies,” and features pop-culture foes suddenly finding peace. We get cameos from Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West; Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner; Pacman and Ghost; Batman and the Joker; Bears and Packers; etc.—all of whom are in a remarkably forgiving mood. (Even Democrats and Republicans are seen embracing, so, you know, don’t take the message too literally.)

“Choose Lovin’, ” says on-screen text, followed by “I’m lovin’ it.”

assOf course, Sarah gets in a nasty little jab about “Democrat ass,” and then goes on to bemoan the fact that bipartisanship isn’t that easy, before she launches into an attack on the failed policies and the too many regulations of the Obama administration.

Never one to let facts stand in her way, Palin ignores the real reasons why McDonald’s profits are down.

Courtesy of The New York Times:

In what was one of its worst financial performances in the last decade, McDonald’s on Friday reported sharp declines in sales and earnings,  further evidence of the impact of tough competition and changing consumer tastes on one of America’s biggest and best-known restaurant brands.

What’s more, the company warned that it saw no end in sight, tamping down any shred of enthusiasm by saying that it expected to continue to struggle at least through the middle of this year. “We took a number of important steps to lay the foundation for our turnaround,” Don Thompson, the chief executive, said in a conference call with investment analysts. “We’re acting with a sense of urgency as these steps are critical to addressing current performance and to advancing our longer-term strategies.”

McDonald’s is testing a number of  new concepts including a kiosk in four stores in Southern California and one in Australia that allow customers to design and order their burgers from a menu of meat patties, buns, condiments and toppings.

The drop in profits has nothing at all to do with increased regulations. It is basically good old-fashioned capitalism at work.

My gawd but she is stupid. She is also nasty, coarse and very, very angry. You can almost see the venom dripping off her fangs. It must be exhausting for her to live in a world full of so much hate.

lurveIf you do decide to listen to the video, just be aware that she says the word “love” a number of times – only Sarah pronounces it as “lurve.” I swear, it will make your blood curdle. So be forewarned.

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11 Responses to Sarah Palin – Not Lovin’ It

  1. Scarsdale says:

    I LOATHE this piss poor excuse for a mother and a woman. She is a flaming disgrace. Looks like HELL also, too with those crossed eyes. Lumpy little Johnny Mac should be drawn and quartered for bringing this SLAG on the public stage.

  2. titlewave says:

    Looks like the First Lady’s healthy food act is working. Just maybe McDonalds profits are down because people choose not to eat their crap?

    Maybe she is right- we can blame Obama for this! Michelle 🙂

  3. I love her giant Doomsday clock in the background. So it’s either 7:50 in the morning or evening – – – which says to me that she is just putting clothing over her pajamas. I hope that clock has a loud ‘tick tick tick tick’ that worms itself into her brain. Sarah – tick, tick, tick, tick – your time is running down – tick, tick, tick, tick – your PAC $$ revenues aren’t looking so good – tick, tick, tick, tick – ‘Murica’s going to hell in a handbasket – tick, tick, tick, tick – Ronnie R isn’t being reincarnated – tick, tick, tick, tick – your melting down like the wicked witch of the west – tick, tick, tick tick

    • Me Guest! says:

      Speaking of the Doomsday clock, doesn’t it look as though it hasn’t moved from one screenshot to the other? Surely ONE of the hands should have moved over the course of the 2:44.

      Maybe she stopped the clock? The tick, tick, tick must be getting to her.

  4. 40Watt says:

    Asked about Palin’s bizarro streams of venom, Nicole Wallace said:

    “This is who she is. This to me is evidence that she has finally shed every last one of those annoying handlers.” Reeoorw!

    No lurve from Nicky.

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