A Thought Before Bed

I watched the new Sarah Palin promo for Amazing America tonight. For some reason I can’t embed the video. Screenshots will have to suffice.

hb2I never knew a liberal hippy to wear shiny boots in the middle of the desert. If you know anything about photography or film, it is all in the details.

hb4There is a certain Clint Eastwood moment here. He was good, I will grant you that. Palin gazes at the rill Amerikkka. She is looking longingly at the Hollywood set that will never accept her her nubile over 50 yr old body. Gak!

grannyThe Clampetts were classy, the Palins not so much.

At least the Drysdales looked after their dog.

doggiedog and trig

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3 Responses to A Thought Before Bed

  1. Tumbleweed1 says:

    I took a chance last week and bought a “Panama Hat” on line (Olive Green – non-refundable). Got it in the mail yesterday.
    Tried it on.
    Ed Clampett wouldn’t even claim me as kin. It was just that embarrassing.

  2. ProfessorCanine says:

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