Politicalgates Exposes The Fraudulent Palins

Well, well, well. If you head on over to Politicalgates you will find some very revealing information and pictures regarding the Palins.

Apparently Trig’s favourite word is “bullshit.” And we thought he couldn’t talk? Patrick and Kathleen have lots of photos showing how the Palins are spending their other people’s money. I won’t say anymore. Just head on over and have a gander —–>

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20 Responses to Politicalgates Exposes The Fraudulent Palins

  1. PofessorCanine says:

    Thanks for the link!
    Dem bitches be rockin’ da dub 22s!
    Pimpin’ like a Boss!

  2. Spike says:

    He can be taught to say bullshit but can’t say the word up? Sarah, I lie non-stop for absolutely no reason at all except I’m a lying liar and my lying mouth is moving, I call bullshit!

    • titlewave says:

      I’m sure it was a joke they’ve played with him before. He spoke the word too clearly for it to be a new word for him. So he either has said it many times or he has conquered speaking on a regular basis.

      Bad enough they taught and encouraged him to say profanity and post the video to the internet- what a nice legacy to your little brother with Down Syndrome- but the deceit the whole family has engaged in to the world that he is an under-achieving challenged child is obscene.

      Be nice if the Humane Society and CPS came and took Trig and Jill to a safer environment.

  3. The sound of a moving car is the background in this segment. Please note that Trig is NOT buckled in! There is no seatbelt strap coming across that bare little chest. Sadly, her vehicle is probably one of those that has tinted windows from the outside so no one will ever know. Child endangerment much ?!

  4. sallyinmi says:

    That is just sick. Totally irresponsible, childish, and so wrong. What happens when he uses that language at school? If there was ever any doubt that this family is ignorant trash, this seals the deal.

  5. ProfessorCanine says:

    We all know Brisdull ain’t the brightest bulb,but it’s almost like she did this on purpose…..
    Perhaps she’s ready to leave the reservation?

    • 40Watt says:

      Yes, it is very odd and, on the face of it, it smacks of anger against her mother. At the same time, this is not a smart young woman. It might be she was unaware her account had not been made private and/or this is so normal to these folks, she expects everyone to find it cute – sort of like standing on the dog….?

      • ProfessorCanine says:

        The variables and dynamics with this crew are complex,to say the very least,and the descriptors are myriad.I think we’re safe using the one word,dare I say,retarded.

      • Tumbleweed1 says:

        I think the dynamics between Bristol and her mother are interesting. I believe there is a lot going on there between them, right under the surface. Some good, but mostly very damaging to both of them.

        But heh, what do I know? The one thing I am sure of is that Trig has not been done ‘well by’ either one of them. That is just beyond sad.

  6. vegaslib says:

    I’d like to know what the right would say if Sasha and Malia were to flash gang signs? So these girls think it’s “cool” to be “hoodrats”? And how does Bristol supposedly have a “job” but makes absolutely no money. They lie when the truth sounds better.

  7. stillregina says:

    It appear the seat belt strap is under Trig’s arm. There’s another child laughing in the video. Tripp?

  8. MistyDew says:

    Brisket is buying Tripp’s love ” with gifts and to make Levi jealous.” Who love you more attitude. But Levi show his love by teaching Tripp about the Great Outdoors, love and family!

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