Someone Had A Not So Bright Idea In Cambridge

palin23n-3-webDear dawg, just look at what the Cambridge Union Society has gone and done…

Celebrating its 200th anniversary, the Cambridge Union Society has released a sneak preview of the Lent Term 2015 termcard, with highlights including Stephen Fry and Sarah Palin.

Reflecting on the varied fields of the revealed speakers, Amy Gregg, President of the Union for Lent 2015, commented: “I’m extremely pleased that we have begun our Bicentenary year with such a diverse range of prominent speakers. As ever, the Union strives to offer members the opportunity to engage with some of the world’s most significant and influential public figures.”

Well, I certainly would have no argument with Stephen Fry. He is intelligent and funny as hell. But Sarah *fecking* Palin? What could these students have been thinking?

Renowned as an activist as well as a comedian, writer and actor, the debate in which Fry will participate in will likely draw on his views as an atheist and a humanist, though the motion is yet to be announced.

So what does the old hooah have to offer, I wonder.

Controversial American politician Sarah Palin will then speak on the 2nd of March. The first female Republican to be nominated for the Vice Presidency, during the 2008 Presidential election, Palin has more recently spent time as a political commentator for Fox News, and has starred in ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’, her own reality show. Her book, ‘Going Rogue’, has sold over two million copies.

Sarah Palin couldn’t hold a candle to any of these guys. She is not at the races at all and will be desperately outclassed. I don’t know whether she is participating in a debate, or whether she will be just a speaker.

On the 13th of March, journalist and Channel 4 news presenter Jon Snow will speak. A well-renowned journalist, Snow has received numerous awards for his work including five Royal Television Society Awards. Union members can expect to hear about a range of current topics in his talk – last year, Snow’s work involved a head-to-head with Russell Brand and ground reporting from the conflict in Gaza.

One thing I do know. The British press is not at all like the MSM in the USA. If she arrives looking like something the cat dragged in, the press will have a field day with her. I have a lot of respect for the students of Cambridge, but one has got to think that this is one sick joke. I hope she doesn’t go looking for Maggie Thatcher.


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14 Responses to Someone Had A Not So Bright Idea In Cambridge

  1. ProfessorCanine says:

  2. uberduck says:

    At first I thought that might be *our* Cambridge (in the state of Massholes), where I spent 4 (plus or minus) years pursuing my undergraduate degree. But no, it’s *Your* Cambridge! Now that should be really fun! I’ll have to mark that one on my calendar. I’d hope that in the context of an educational institution there would be a bit more critical evaluation of the salad that is being presented.

  3. 40Watt says:

    Please, please, please let her be in a debate.

    I’m already disappointed she isn’t appearing on the same day as Innan Shevchenko.

    Innan Shevchenkois the leader of international feminist movement FEMEN and will speak in a debate on the 26th February. FEMEN activists have previously been labelled as ‘sextremists’ after carrying out topless demonstrations against the patriarchy, often with reference to religion, dictatorships and the sex industry.

    There wouldn’t be Belmonts big enough to compete Sarah-style. 😉

  4. uberduck says:

    No way in Hell she’d sign up for a debate. But we can dream!

    • lindak1961 says:

      I agree, Uberduck. And she won’t be taking questions from the students and other members of the audience either. Well, she might, if she can get the questions ahead of time so that Bristol can Google the answers for her.

  5. ProfessorCanine says:

    The invite HAS to be devious bait to get her to pop off before the event even starts.The only thing Sarah brings to the table is sheer dumb-fuck babble.She’ll be ridiculed and stomped upon if she even shows up….

  6. lindak1961 says:

    Unless this is a joke, I fear that the Palin Curse has hit Cambridge.

    • If she has actually committed to this, I foresee a backout down the road. Even she must realize that she’ll come off as a laughing stock. Perhaps the lure of a 1st Class ticket obscured the fact that she’ll be speaking in front of a group other than her usual ilk – – i.e..not constituationaly conservative rill ‘mericans. Should she speak, I wonder how many times she’ll be able to insult her audience, much less simply appear as an ignoramus.

  7. RJ40 says:

    I think when the Cambridge people were discussing whom they should invite someone said Sarah Palin as a joke because it was so absurd. Then they said “yes let’s invite her this will be wicked “and so forth….hence the invite. I can’t see $P showing up as she is a coward of the first order and even she has to know she is WAY out of her league.

  8. Ha ha..”I hope she doesn’t go looking for Maggie Thatcher.”

    Well IG— actually I hope she DOES!!! ;-)))

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