Infra Dig

CIMG0814I attended my daughter’s parent/teacher meeting this evening. Daughter is studying seven subjects for her final exams in 2016. That is quite normal over here. Anyway, these P/T meetings can be a pain in the arse when some parents insist on knowing every single detail about their loved one’s academic studies and results. If you don’t know what is going on now missus, you are a bit late to the party. Arrange a meeting with the teacher you dolts.

Some of the queues can result in waiting for a long time to see a teacher. It makes it a lot easier if your husband/partner can come along and you split up the teachers between you. My husband was working and couldn’t make it, so I was doing the whole thing solo.

I had actually gotten through four teachers and had just sat down with the English teacher to hear about darling daughter’s performance in English. The teacher started to tell me about her Christmas results. Suddenly a man sat down beside me and started to nod and say “ok.” Initially I thought he must be an inspector or whatevah and then I thought to meself, this man is very interested in my daughter’s results. Ah, I surmised, dear hubby has finished work, and has joined me. I turned around to look at him more closely only to find a complete stranger sitting where my hubby should be.

He shot off the chair in embarrassment apologizing profusely. He had come in late and mistaken me for his wife. He spotted his wife a few yards away, and sure enough, from the back I could see how he could have mistaken us.

His wife was some bitch however. She was bent over laughing with a friend while she watched her husband crash some random P/T meeting pretending to be my husband. I must admit I am still laughing and I can recollect nothing much about meeting DD’s English teacher except for one thing. Well, a few things actually. She is above average, she is shy (hey Altoona) and he asked me does she read a lot, to which I affirmed in the positive.

_MG_0417Visual break required…

Well, when I got home I started thinking about reading. As a child, I read voraciously. If my friends had a birthday, I would buy them a book and read it the night before! 😉 They never knew. I read every Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew in sight and when I had finished those, I moved onto the Hardy Brothers. My mother was fantastic. We didn’t have a lot of money all those years ago, but if she had to take a trip to Sydney, she would scour all the second hand book shops and arrive home with her arms laden with books for moi. Je suis Charlie, aussi. 

When I was about eight, Sister Christine (teacher)  asked us to write an essay about an imaginary animal. I can’t remember what I wrote about the animal, but I do remember what I called it. I called it The Infra Dig. I may have read The Scarlet Pimpernel at that stage, but I am not sure where I read that phrase. I got an A for the title alone! 🙂

Tonight, I wondered to myself exactly what does “infra dig” mean. So, I looked it up on the googles.



  1. (postpositive) (informal) beneath one’s dignity

And as I looked at Sarah Palin this morning on the Stuart Varney show, preening with that horrific off the shoulder sweater that showcased her bony frame, I thought to meself, she is infra dig.

When I saw her mugging it up and being soooo delighted with her new catch phrase…Trig didn’t eat the dog bullshit…which we have all listened to wearily for days, I thought to meself, Sarah, you don’t even have a service dog, you have a pet that isn’t even twelve months old. You are infra dig.

When you repeat your catch phrase numerous times on national televison…and act like a giddy fool laughing at your own inadequate wit – you are so infra dig.

And that is how a parent/teaching meeting led to infra dig and then to Sarah Palin. I feel I need to end this with a boom, but it is beyond me.

boomNever say never! 🙂

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14 Responses to Infra Dig

  1. Spike says:

    OMG! Trixie Belden? There’s a blast from the past.

  2. Got my Trixie’s and some Nancy Drew’s down in my basement. Mine were available at Woolworth’s or Newberry’s. I think they might have been 69 cents. It’s rarely happens that I don’t have a book going with a back-up book at the ready – – – all from my public library.

  3. meow says:

    dogs,Dogs and DOGS.
    Will we ever talk about cats?

  4. betsy s says:

    I sort of wonder that NOBODY noticed a perfectly suitable BENCH under the window in Sarah Palin’s kitchen that Trig could have stood on to do the dishes. The fact that Sarah took three different poses of Trig on Jill convinced me that the whole scenario was a ploy to garner some dicey attention in the hopes of defraying Griphen’s announcement of big news coming the next day.

  5. MrsGunka says:

    Oh, my, I enjoyed that! I read all the Nancy Drew’s but that was over 60 years ago and trust me, I don’t remember a one now! 🙂 Why do I feel the Palin girls never had a library card or a special shelf in the bookcase for children’s books? Nor the Heath’s either.

    Do you rent out your pretty wigs? My 7 cats are getting really getting cabin fever with all the cold and snow. Maybe some wigs would cheer them up! So glad to know the daughter is doing so well! Did she get to meet this new father figure too? 🙂 Prof Canine…that is one handsome dog…and such a nice smile a straight back! Yes Meow, I think it is some time for cats! They are NOT Infra Digs! Let’s show some respect here! MEOW!

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