New Statement From Palin To Peta – Kiss My Okole

jillPalin has given a new statement to NBC:

PETA needs to chill. At least Trig didn’t eat the dog.

Where have they been all these years? Maybe enjoying a good steak when their Woman of the Year, Ellen DeGeneres, posted the exact same sweet image of a child with her dog. Or maybe they were off moose hunting when their Man of the Year, Mayor Bill de Blasio, dropped and killed a critter at a political photo op? Who knows what they were doing when their Man of All Time, Barack Obama, admitted to actually EATING dog, and enjoying it! C’mon PETA — where’s the beef?

No, the double standards applied by hypocrites at PETA make me and every other kid — and dog-lover — say “kiss my okole.” They’re not attacking me because I showed people a special needs child and his happy, healthy, beloved service dog; they’re attacking me because, well, I’m me. So what’s new? PETA throws raw meat in front of their attack dogs and says sic ‘em, and we have a choice in how to react to these kind of haters who’ll keep on hating. We either accept their attacks as stumbling blocks, or see them as stepping stones to make a point about truth. Ironically, PETA has made my exact point I wrote about in my New Year’s Resolution piece. Nice!

I grew up with dogs who were part of the family; a big part. I love dogs and am blessed to see our pets so happy and strong, living life so freely and vibrantly in Alaska’s majestic wide open spaces. Our dogs aren’t the only ones dearly loved — we have been overwhelmed by good people all across America sending us proud pictures of their kids interacting with dogs in similar loving, real life ways.

Jill Hadassah was born and trained to help those with challenges most of us will never understand. We adopted her for our youngest son from an amazing friend in Iowa who runs a foundation that raises and trains dogs for our wounded warriors. These dogs can change a disabled vet’s life, and that’s a beautiful thing! Certainly the Puppy Jake Foundation has changed our life for the better. I am in love with this four-legged family member! So is Trig, and it’s so revealing that the Political Left knows no bounds as they attack him and now even good, selfless supporters and trainers at the Puppy Jake Foundation. I hope the foundation is overwhelmed with support from caring Americans now so that good comes from PETA’s bad acts in this.

Again, I’m thankful these double standard bearers proved my entire point in that post: do they think their threats and efforts to shut me down are a stumbling block? Nah, this is a stepping stone for any American with common sense and love for kids and dogs — we just proved the haters’ double standard nonsense, and, thus, their irrelevance.

— Sarah Palin

P.S. Should Jill Hadassah have not enjoyed Trig’s playing with her, guess it would have reminded us another important lesson – sometimes life jumps up and bites you in the okole, but you don’t stop moving and baby you just Shake It Off.

Isn’t she charming?


faceCourtesy of The Irish Times:

When Cameron stopped petting the larger dog and continued petting the smaller dog, she said the bigger dog pinned him up against the wall and mauled him.

Cameron was brought to Temple Street Children’s University Hospital where he had surgery and about 50 stitches.

“I just couldn’t believe it, his poor face. Your main feature on your body,” she said.

Jacqueline said Cameron, who has worked as a child model for more than a year, suffered 11 puncture wounds to his face.

She said she was very grateful her son was alive and back home.

She said she wanted parents to be careful of their children around dogs, as the dog who attacked Cameron had no history of aggression.

The dog was put down following the incident.

Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) spokeswoman Gillian Bird said it was not unusual for any dog to bite.

This is what a dog bite can do.

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17 Responses to New Statement From Palin To Peta – Kiss My Okole

  1. titlewave says:

    P.S. Should Jill Hadassah have not enjoyed Trig’s playing with her, guess it would have reminded us another important lesson – sometimes life jumps up and bites you in the okole, but you don’t stop moving and baby you just Shake It Off.

    Holy cow. Has she ever seen or dealt with a child bitten by a dog? That is not a ‘life lesson’, that is child endangerment and in this case totally preventable.

    What a freaking okole of a parent she is..

    • titlewave says:

      Thanks for the update- I looked very similar at age 6 when I stepped accidentally on the foot of a neighbor’s tiny little dog. He did quite a number on my face too. I have no doubt he was just reacting to being hurt, but I was amazed how fast (and high!) he flew up into my face. We were friends after that but I learned a lesson- that instinct is strong in animals and we can’t expect them to always understand ALL of our actions. Especially if we hurt them, even unintentionally.

  2. vegaslib says:

    What the heck? Her first rant wasn’t enough so she had to go crazy time again? Wow, this really got her panties in a bunch. Funny thing is, most of her fans were the ones who called her out on animal abuse. Why don’t you attack them Sarah? Afraid they won’t send their RX money to you anymore.

  3. irishgirl999 says:

    Gryphen has a NEW Monday morning post up which is rather interesting. CBJ was working in Anchorage the day Trig was born.

    • ProfessorCanine says:

      “Gryphen has a NEW Monday morning post up which is rather interesting.”
      I see what you ^^^^^^^ did there…….

  4. ProfessorCanine says:

    If the dog bites Trig,at least we know CBJ will come to the rescue…..

  5. lindak1961 says:

    Aww, PETA hurt Quitter’s feelings! And somehow so did Ellen, President Obama, Mayor de Blasio and the Political Left.

  6. MrsGunka says:

    Quite a vibrant day, eh? She’s going to be on Hannity tonight, but, boohoo, I can’t watch it or million of others as Dish has taken FOX SNOOZE off the air. I’m sure someone will have it on the internets shortly. Bet she’s going to be like a caged animal and he’ll never get a word in after his first question. 🙂

    • crow says:

      I’m sure the interview will be vibrant also, too. I was pleased to read in the above post that Jill also, too, lives vibrantly in Alaska’s majestic wide open spaces along with the rest of the Palin clan. At first I was concerned that Jill may lack the vibrancy necessary to keep up with the Palin family because Sarah’s first post said that Jill was a lazy dog. However, after reading Sarah’s response to NBC, I am reassured that Jill’s vibrancy level is sufficient to keep up with the entire vibrant Palin family, also, too.

      • Sooooooo tired of the overuse of vibrant. Time for some synonyms, Ms. SP. Your word salad is always tossed with the same wilted and worn out vocabulary choices. Hard for me to imagine that the vibrant Palin’s are great pooper scoopers. Hope they at least regularly feed and water their animals.

  7. Lilylake says:

    Me thinks she protests too much.
    (fortunately labs don’t usually bite; Jill certainly looked tolerant of Trig’s action) But it’s up to parents to teach children to respect the family pets and treat them properly. In another photo Tripp was kicking Jill to keep her from jumping on the couch. I feel sorry for all of them, but the main point is that children should NOT step on a dog or other pet. Trig had most of his weight on the back of the dog. Palin not only condoned it, she took a photo of it and wrote about it. She should have acknowledged her foolishness & serious mistake if she’s going to post photos constantly all over the web and have any kind of credibility. Which she doesn’t; she’s blown it many times! Now she acts like the criticism is the only thing going on in this scary and complicated world. Pet abuse is not liberal or conservative. Her pea brain would fit a thousand times into DeBlasio’s or DeGeneres’s. I feel very sorry for the children she has “raised,” and pets that have to live in her household.

    • Moles says:

      I’m sorry but I really can’t stand that kid. (Tripp) I know it’s not his fault but the photo of him kicking that dog in the face made my palms itch.

  8. stillregina says:

    I had to google okole and found out it’s but, ass, asshole, commonly used in Hawaii. Is it another extremely “classy” dig at Obama?

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