Dog Abuse Not New For The Palins

crueltyWell the old bag certainly garnered herself some of that attention she so desperately craves. However, none of it is any way complimentary to her. People all over the world have been reading about this and her FB page has been flooded with comments, most of them of a negative nature. The overwhelming consensus of opinion is that her parenting sucks. This coming so soon after the Palin family brawl has not been good for her. It screams dysfunction.

People are beginning to notice that the photos look staged. Jill is not in the same position for all three pics. She has obviously moved. Just how many times did Palin coax Trig to stand on the dog before she snapped what she believed were her best shots?

This was not a good move on Palin’s part. People on all sides of the political spectrum love their pets. I have seen quite a few of her *fans* disassociate themselves from her on her FB page. They are disgusted that she would allow Jill to be treated in that manner and that she doesn’t have the wits to realise how dangerous it is for Trig too.

But we shouldn’t be surprised at how the Palin children treat their dogs. Remember this…


That’s where Tripp kicked poor Jill in the head. If this sort of treatment of the dog is what she posts on FB and her ridiculous channel, then what sort of abuse is Jill being subjected to on an everyday basis?

Now that her cute little stunt has backfired, I dread to think of how it will be taken out on Jill. You just know that Palin will want her revenge.

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8 Responses to Dog Abuse Not New For The Palins

  1. ProfessorCanine says:

    “I dread to think of how it will be taken out on Jill.”
    Hopefully there won’t be a wig involved…….

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Well I could live with that!

      I just saw this at the comments at IM.

      Anonymous12:56 PM
      This comment is now on the Alaska SPCA Facebook page:

      Regarding the posts to our wall and messages about Sarah Palin’s dog: The Alaska SPCA agrees that this type of behavior with an animal is unacceptable. Please know that the appropriate enforcement authorities have been notified. The location of the household falls under the jurisdiction of the Mat Su Animal Care and Regulation. You can register complaints there as well. (907) 746-5500

  2. Ripley in CT says:

    I tweeted the PETA bunch. They acknowledged me and several others.

  3. lindak1961 says:

    Sending prayers Jill’s way…

  4. stillregina says:

    Trig was also doing his loving best to strangle the other little dog while she babbled on and on…

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