Happy New Year

I was trying to resize a pic and lost the previous post.

Love you feckers.

_MG_0418The long suffering Ali.

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9 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. dowhat? says:

    “long suffering Ali”
    No shit!
    What the fuck are you doing humiliating that poor dog with that horrid wig?
    Expect a citation from PETA in very short order.

  2. pvaz says:

    That’s horrible. Poor Ali!

  3. MistyDew says:

    Happy New Year to everyone! Iā™„ the blue wig, but hide it before her@ss copy it!!

  4. MrsGunka says:

    Ali get into the Guinness a little early tonight? Maybe she should sleep outside tonight (without the wig) if she gets too sick. Wouldn’t want to mess up the wig. Happy New Year everyone!

  5. lindak1961 says:

    Love you IrishGirl! Happy New Year!

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