TBogg Celebrates Sarah Palin’s Bad Year

Sarah-Palin-steps-out-sweaty-and-barefaced-after-gym-workout–-photo-credit-–-You-TubeI love when TBogg has a go at the Palins because he really has a fantastic way with words.

Sarah Palin — former half-term governor, babbling-word-fountain, almost-one-heartbeat-away-from-the-presidency mother of  Slam, Brisket, Pillow, Oreo-Double-Stuffed, and maybe or maybe not Lil Trigger depending on whether you are Andrew Sullivan, and America’s unhealing cold sore … in short: the Courtney Love of the GOP — had what some might call a banner year this year.

He talks about the expansion of her grifting through the Sarah Palin Channel and her many endorsamacations of the rabid wing nuts. Also and too, he mentions her NRA waterboarding remark which caused many God-loving folk to fall out of love with her. Her global apology to America for not getting McCain elected in 2008 also got some recognition as did her offering President Obama  military advice.

obama_with_hurl_hurley_irish_gift__18476.1405339630.480.480Don’t worry Sarah, I think the President has that covered.

Of course, the throwdown at the hoedown also made the news…

In October the Palin family drunk-bumrushed a Wasilla birthday party, resulting in Snowbilly fisticuffs and Brisket Palin being dragged to the curb — ruining a simply lovely camouflage evening frock — like a not-Princess of the Northern Lights & Meth Valley. Sarah eventually accused everyone in the world world of waging “war on women” for LOL’ing at her hot mess daughters:

img314The next time a mascara-streaked tottering Palin daughter is kicked out of a party and is leaning against a Quiki-Stop dumpster barfing up her Moose McNuggets and Fireball & Sugarless Red Bull ‘cocktail,’  we expect all of you — yes all of you — to hold her hair back. Avoid the back-splash, though. It’s like Alien-acid blood.

And there is more… Take a trip over to Raw Story to read the whole lot. It will put a smile on your face. 😉

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4 Responses to TBogg Celebrates Sarah Palin’s Bad Year

  1. MrsGunka says:

    Goodness, that picture above looks like Barstool is really porking up! Like when she was in DWTS. Wait a minute, is that sign behind her ABC, where they filmed DWTS. It’s an old picture and she does look PG. Like the old saying…she has more Chins than a Chinese phone book. I read TBogg and laughed my head off. What a way with words. The comments were precious! The MSM has finally caught on to the Palins and really having fun. What a shame they didn’t wet the feet in 2008 with the rest us…it might all be a foggy memory now! I hope he keeps it coming. Has quite a following!

  2. Scarsdale says:

    Ny favotire DWTS photo is the one with her large belly poking out of the blue military style dress. She looks like 25 pounds of poop, stuffed into a 10 pound bag. With typical PayMe arrogance, she really thinks nobody noticed her weight gain.

  3. Scarsdale says:

    oops! “MY Favorite” Mrs. Gunka talks about “getting feet wet” I wonder if Bristles feet got wet when she peed herself in the driveway? Nice photos of THAT also, too.

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