Recovering I Hope

_MG_0088And there you have it.

Hubby made the disastrous suggestion to me the night before Xmas that I may need to get up early! You know what the implications are there? Quelle, qui and what the feck. In  a fit of pique, I got up extra early, threw the turkey into the oven, took the dog for a walk. Of course, moi, who cooks a small turkey every week for DD’s sammiches (stuffing too), forgot about the damn bird. I burnt it!

C’est la vie.

Never make a cheesecake from an unreputable source.

Added to my miseries, my hand is very sore. It has stretched to my elbow and upto my back and neck…not my hand,  the pain.

But apart from that I have had a very enjoyable Christmas, as I type haltingly with my injured body parts.

I actually didn’t get much sleep, and need to answer a few emails!

Love you all.



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13 Responses to Recovering I Hope

  1. Scene of a happy Merry Christmas it seems to me. Your party aftermath tells the tale of an evening enjoyed by all. No tipped over chairs, broken glasses, food fight remnants – – rather a scene of yummy goodies that were eaten to stuffedness. Sorry to read of your aches and pains, but somewhat glad that it was pain stretching from hand to neck and not your hand being pulled like silly putty. Take care and rest up for New Year’s Eve.

  2. lindak1961 says:

    Sorry to hear of your aches and pains, IG. Hope that you are better by New Year’s Eve.

  3. pvaz says:

    Interesting serviceware 🙂

  4. pvaz says:

    Boy, am I glad to see that 🙂 face. Your Irish humor had me puzzled. Thought I might take the dog for a walk, but before doing so, I made sure to turn off the Feckin’ oven.

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