Sarah Palin’s Reported Wardrobe Malfunction

palin23n-3-webI was reading tonight about Sarah Palin’s wardrobe malfunction! Huh?

Like her or not, former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has a knack of stirring up controversy and drawing attention to projects she’s working on. On a recent episode of her online TV news channel for the promotion of her new book, Palin supposedly suffered a wardrobe “oops” moment. A video of the so-called flesh-baring malfunction has gone viral on the internet, citing a Canada Journal report.

During the show in which the former GOP sensation and Tea Party talking head plugged her book, Palin appears to be exposing more flesh than the public is accustomed to, except for her donning a U.S. flag bikini. Media outlets suggest the sweater she is seen wearing in the video malfunctioned and caused her to show off her toned arms and shoulders.

The writer of the article obviously doesn’t get out much. I have seen Sarah Palin’s jiggly things, and in all honesty, I could not call them toned. She has been wearing that damn top for close to a month now (or mebbe longer) precisely to cover up her fleshy upper arms. It is like those damn penis jeans. Will we ever see the end of them?

cat_meowingShe is the cat’s meow all right…

I have sent her on my present at great expense to me and mine.


Change of subject. I received my darling daughter’s report card today. That little minx has been studying for the last few months and while I knew she wasn’t stupid, she has pleasantly surprised me. Okaaaaaaaaaayyy……

This is her second last year of school and in Ireland it is very tough. Your final results (the Leaving Certificate) dictate what courses you will be eligible for in college. So you need to get very high points for example to study medicine. If you make a mess of the exam on the day, then you are fecked. It is pretty brutal.

My DD got an A in four subjects. We have eons (ions) to go before her final exams, but hey…this is looking good.

Proud Mum.

Don’t tell her I told you about this. I will be in danger of being shot. 😉


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7 Responses to Sarah Palin’s Reported Wardrobe Malfunction

  1. uberduck says:

    Nice going, Offspring, and congratulations, Mom. It is true, many times, that the roundish red skinned fruit doesn’t fall all that far from the tree!

  2. lindak1961 says:

    Congrats to Irish Girl Jr!

  3. MrsGunka says:

    What a nice Christmas present for you both. My lips are sealed. Go ahead and pop your buttons mom! Congrats to her!

  4. Scarsdale says:

    Congrats! Palin’s video of her “making a pie” with packaged dough has her scratching her wig, wiping her nose with her fingers before continuing on with the task. Looks like on her chest is makeup made to look like cleavage, Her brother, Chuckles Jr. has his own grift going. He was married with 2 kids, teaching school. A young woman was working at the school, and he got her pregnant before divorcing wife #1, The new baby was born before the marriage took place. Seems he “retired” from the school. Now he is on 3 seperate begging sites, wanting people to donate so he can buy expensive photography equipment to take photos of Alaska. He plans on publishing a coffee table book. So far he has raised over $1,400!!! I wonder if any of this lying, low life family of lazy asses actually WORKS?? There are many, many professional photographers who could do a much better job than old pervert Chuckles Jr. He now has 2 families to support, so something must be done. I guess BEGGING will suffice, since it works so well for $carah.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I have a few cameras lying around! He ain’t getting them. Why doesn’t he ask Sarah for the money. Gawd, that family has absolutely no pride.

      • Scarsdale says:

        No pride, but an overabundance of GALL. With his reputation, how long would it be before he decides NUDES sell better than landscapes. No pride, no work ethics, no morals, no SENSE.

  5. pvaz says:

    Merry Christmas To the Irishgirl family. I love it when education is a priorty

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