Sarah Palin And Her Tortured Logic

Sarah-Palin-steps-out-sweaty-and-barefaced-after-gym-workout–-photo-credit-–-You-TubeSarah Palin has weighed in on the CIA torture scandal report. Sarah knows all about torture. She has tortured the world with her high-pitched nails-on-chalkboard screech for over six long years and ruined many a glass of fine wine (the cheap stuff also and too).

Explosion of a glass with red wine on a white backgroundAnd as you would expect from this bespectacled, bed head bitch, she is always on the wrong side of any issue.

From her FB page:

cia1Newsflash, shit fer brains – the things you sport on your breasts don’t give you any legitimacy to criticize anyone. How hypocritical can one be?

palin-2-0617You are tacky, tacky, tacky. The whole outfit just screams TACKY. I still can’t get over the shoes! Megyn Kelly is an asshole, but she does know how to dress. I imagine the whole Fox cast had to be carried out of the studio that day after you left.

Back to the post…

cia2Hey bitch, step back and look at what the GOP are doing to women and minorities. They are jailing pregnant woman and shooting dead black youths. But you are ok with that?

As regards 9/11, nothing will ever convince me that 19 Saudi Arabians did that on their own. You need to look no further than your own party, specifically Cheney and Rumsfeldt. I used to think Bush was in on it, but now I realise that he had shit fer brains too.

The people who died on 9/11 were not tortured. They were murdered. There is a difference.

And not only are you stupid, tacky and dumb, but you allow this sort of filth on your FB page…

ciasp evil 3Well, I suppose Nicolle Wallace and Palin finally agree on something – who would have thunk it would have been torture?

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9 Responses to Sarah Palin And Her Tortured Logic

  1. Holy moly – – What a rant ! It seems like she’d have written it herself, but debauched seems like a big word for her. So she wants to be an isolationist, but make sure America is involved and injecting US troops and her evangelical beliefs in the world’s religious skirmishes.? She demands respect for common sense Conservatives, but denigrates the President with derogatory, inflammatory and disrespectful spewing of hatred? In her personal family life, her actions and her words are about as disparate as they can be.

    What I will never be able to wrap my head around is how the President’s bi-racial family and upbringing is not viewed as the incredible asset that it is. What an understanding of racial issues he brings with him from personal experience, which is further broadened by his roles as husband and father. As he travels the world, he brings a perspective that no other President in history has had. How can that not be acknowledged and applauded? I am forever grateful for his time in office and am sorry for the burdens and sacrifices the office brings into the personal life of his family. Stoopid Ms. SP has no understanding of the responsibilities and unrelenting pressures that face those in the Oval office. She remains a maroon to the end and may that end be near!

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Clapping as I head to bed.

    • crow says:

      I’ve always thought that, too. This man had everything going against him – bi-racial child of a single mother, growing up poor in a white world. He overcame everything and applied himself enough to not only graduate high school, but go on to attend an ivy league college, become a professor of constitutional law, a United States senator and eventually President of the United States, as well as being a wonderful husband and father. This man is the manifestation of proverbial The American Dream and I never understood why he hasn’t been hailed as such.

      Oh yeah, that’s right – he’s black.

  2. lindak1961 says:

    Notice that while she comes down on the wrong side of this issue, she rants only against President Obama and liberals, but leaves out McCain. She’s a coward, and should include McCain in her rant, as he gave an impassioned speech in the Senate against using torture. However, McCain is the one who has made her big-time grifting possible, so ignores his feelings about torture.

    Another thing – from her rant, she seems to feel because the terrorists use torture, that we should as well. So that means that she thinks that we should lower ourselves the terrorists’ level and forget about American Exceptionalism.

  3. Lilylake says:

    In one paragraph she damns him for “assassinating whom he pleases”; then in the last paragraph says any good American would do ANYTHING TO stop the evil” Poor Sarah, she’s not happy Bin Laden and other top Al Queda are dead. Save all the embryos, but kill any grown people she doesn’t like. But there’s no reasoning with her; she’s impaired.
    Is that not a contradiction or am I hallucinating? The whole thing reads to me like I MIGHT be on LSD, but I’m not, SHE is.

    Who’s your ghostwriter on THAT one Sarah? Garble, Garble, stir the pot
    Poor drunk witch is full of SNOT.
    Isn’t Halloween over?

  4. MrsGunka says:

    Sarah seems to be cycling deeper and deeper into her psychosis or she’s just too dumb to realize her writers are putting her there with this crazy diatribe she’s reading, totally oblivious to what she is saying but if it’s blaming PBO, she really puts her feelings into it. She’s like a dog chasing it’s tail when she gets on her hate rant….she just goes faster and faster off into La-La Bully Land!

    • That’s a great analogy – – one would wonder what stops her once she starts a-ranting and spinning. She should just centrifuge herself into bits, pieces and ‘poof’ nothingness.

  5. labman57 says:

    It makes complete sense that the ‘Whining Wannabe from Wasilla’ is a strong advocate for torture.

    Utilizing her shrill voice dripping with petty vindictiveness and inane commentaries laden with ignorant, nonsensical analyses … Palin tortures the mind and soul of rationally-thinking people on a daily basis.

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