Sarah Palin And Her Non-Existent Archery Skills

fake archerSarah Palin has been visiting that disgusting pervert Ted Nugent and has been pretending to be a huntin’ and a killin’ boar for her crappy TV series. Ted Nugent posted these pics on his FB page and I immediately noticed that Palin was holding the bow very differently to the pervert and his wife. The bow should also be aligned with her mountainous jaw.

How the old hooah should be holding the bow is like this

Use Anchor Points

Anchor points are points of contact between two or more things which ensure consistent positioning between an archer’s body and their bow during the execution of every shot. Lets focus on three anchor points to improve consistency.

Hand To Jaw Anchor Point For Proper Archery Form

When at full draw, with the proper draw length, an archer should be able to anchor the crotch of the thumb and index finger to the back of the jaw bone (directly below the ear). This is a good stable natural anchor point because the two body parts fit together.


Tip of Nose To The Bow String

With the holding hand properly anchored to the jaw bone, an archer can also anchor the tip of their nose to the bowstring. This is another great anchoring point which will result in more consistent shooting.


Proper Grip On a Release’s Trigger

When pulling the trigger of a release, you should wrap your index finger around the trigger. The trigger should settle between the first and second knuckle of the index finger. If this is not possible, your release should be adjusted either by shortening or lengthening the release. When the release is too long and an archer uses the tip of their finger, they are applying pressure to the trigger in a matter which it is not designed to function. For best results, pull the trigger with a curled index finger.


So now we will have a closer inspection of Palin’s archery skills.

fake archer2The bow is up too high. It should be down lower, aligned with the jaw from hell and her thumb and index finger should be just below her strange ear. The bow string should be at the tip of her nose, and she is holding the bow incorrectly.

Poor old Sally Sarah Palin, she just can’t ever seem to do anything write right.



She is such at bloody fake at everything.

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16 Responses to Sarah Palin And Her Non-Existent Archery Skills

  1. titlewave says:

    I took archery, and yes she is doing it wrong- maybe she thought she was fooling all those nasty gun and shooting experts that made fun of her when she “shot” the caribou. But I’m sure they will see it, too. What a pretender.

    On the other hand, it could be a claw deformity. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it when it’s not in a clutching position. In which case we should be nice. Naaaahhhh

    Please tell me those are pig decoys in the second photo and not dead pigs leaning up against the trees? Or worse, pet pigs! 😦

  2. lindak1961 says:

    Bwahaha! Busted again!

  3. Lilylake says:

    She looks very awkward and unpracticed at what she is trying to do.
    Which is pretty much how she looks at anything she does. What a fraud.

  4. MrsGunka says:

    I would bet they showed her how to do it right, but she is determined to do it her way. Probably how the great white rat hunter, Chuck 1 taught her! Have you ever tried his rat chili? Hear he holds a gun on people to eat it! 🙂

  5. MistyDew says:

    Scara is not kosher at all I’m looking at the last picture where she is trying to carve the the bloody turkey with a tomato knife. Who would drink that Punch after turkey juice flopping in there.

  6. MistyDew says:

    Scara is not kosher at all, I’m looking at the last picture where she is trying to carve the the bloody turkey with a tomato knife. Who would drink that Punch after turkey juice flopping in there?

  7. lazrgrl says:

    I took archery 50 years ago, in high school. What I noticed right away is that her arm is straight, or slightly curved inward. Good thing she’s wearing layers or that bow string would leave a mighty burn on her arm.

  8. Ripley in CT says:

    She’s not using the same kind of bow they are. She’s gripping the string itself, not a trigger. The others have that “harness” on their wrists, like the example provided by the professional. Additionally, that proves to me that her bow is set for a very light pull, as she is not wearing any finger protection and the string itself has no guard so it doesn’t cut your fingers or slip.

    The whole thing is a joke, as we well know. I have shot my share of arrows and those modern bows can be set for a child’s pull strength. Her arm is far too high, as also noted above. Also, along with lazrgrl’s comment above, without protection on the bow arm, she’d be shaving the skin right off, or minimally making a nasty bruise, as I did many times till I finally got the proper guard. I tend to hyper-extend a bit at the elbow and I have meaty forearms from growing up a farmgirl.

    Her arrow will go straight to the ground. She is such a loser. And so unpatriotic, hanging out with that other loser, Nugent. How they can proudly call him anything positive is beyond me. It shows the family’s character when they glom on to a person like him.

    I so wish anyone would come up with anything incendiary regarding Palin and her cronies. Far too many teasers and no meat. And she continues to blather away, stirring hate and racism and discontent all over the country, inciting her very base base. She makes me hate.

  9. psminidivapa says:

    IG, you know that I come from “clinging to guns and religion central PA.” So I KNOW my hunting apparatus. I had to take a class in bow shooting in high school —as a REQUIRED COURSE! So, I am saying this with 100% certainty….she has no fecking idea what she is doing!! Even with the light bow (children’s bow is what we call it), she is holding it all wrong and obviously just was playing Robin Hood for the photos. Anyone who has ever shot a bow can see through this.

    What always mystifies me is that – as it appears – her demographic is one who would completely see through this (as well as the caribou shoot with her daddy, which was laughable). Yet they never call BS. Hey, I am not a guns and religion clinger, but I know my way around a gun and a bow–and her attempts are just silly.

    Anyways, hugs to you.

  10. vegaslib says:

    I swear she is wearing that same black shirt underneath those two ugly jackets. Does she ever change her clothes anymore? She looks so unkempt all the time, like her mental problems are getting worse. She did an interview about her show a few days ago and her wigs was so obvious it was almost falling off and dirty and matted. Yikes.

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