The Resignation Of Elizabeth Lauten

elizabeth lautenI simply had to share this because I think it encapsulates exactly what is going on in the United Divided States of America at the moment.

(DSA, DSA, DSA… that is my little rant. It is not the USA anymore.)

Anyways, I came across this comment over at Rachel Maddows blog earlier in response to a question asked by Steve Benen.

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Lauten needed to go because her remarks were beyond the pale for two reasons:  1. under no circumstances is it professional or acceptable to chide the children of politicians, and 2. I don’t think her remarks about the president’s children were the most offensive things she said.

First, ANYBODY who goes after the children of politicians is a low life bottom feeder.  PERIOD.  FULL STOP.  There is NO scenario where that is acceptable.  I have not once seen any liberal going after Chris Christie’s wife or kids.  However, we’ve seen plenty of very public conservative attacks on the president’s daughters.  THAT seems to be suggestive of a comparison of the general level of decency between liberals and conservatives that I will not even bother to state.


Second, on what POSSIBLE basis did Lauten make this pissy little jab?:

“…your mother and father don’t respect their positions very much, or the nation for that matter, so I’m guessing you’re coming up a little short in the ‘good role model’ department.”

Precisely what evidence is that President Obama and Michelle Obama “don’t respect their positions very much, or the nation for that matter?”  Is Lauten’s hurled turd simply because the president and the first lady have the audacity to disagree politically with Lauten?  Since when is mere political disagreement a sign that someone – ANYONE – doesn’t “respect their positions very much, or the nation for that matter?”  I suspect that Lauten’s actions are indicative of a much more pernicious animus – race.


For centuries white bigots have sought to delegitimize and dehumanize blacks by questioning their motives, veracity, or even their basic humanity.  During the antebellum days of slavery or even just the slavery-lite of Jim Crow, the slights were more open and very explicit.  Since the dismantling of Jim Crow, the slights tend to be softened and cleaned up.  Even the most blatant racists within the GOP tend to couch their bigotry by questioning the president’s citizenship, his legitimacy, and his motives.  This is dog whistle racism by proxy.  I believe that is what Lauten’s remarks evince.


Furthermore, I believe that all of the calls for “taking the country back”, of birtherism, the litany of the fatuous over-the-top buffoonery hurled at Obamacare, the idiocy of BENGHAZI!!!!, the mythical instances of lawlessness, and the apocryphal assaults on the Constitution are ALL instances of racism by proxy.  Why?  Because there isn’t even the slightest shadow of a reflection of a picture of a memory of a rumor of even a single bit of evidence supporting ANY of that nonsense.


Lauten is more than just a race baiting cheerleader, she’s a shiny, well groomed, suburban, white, church goin’ early 21st century racist.  She might not wear a sheet and hood or burn a cross, but she’ll happily chide black children in public in a way she’d never do for white kids and she’ll do the same for those kids’ parents, impugning their professionalism and patriotism along the way.  Why?  So far as I can tell it’s because those folks are gettin’ mighty uppity.


Let’s call Lauten’s insulting remarks what they are – racist.  THAT’S why Lauten should go.  She didn’t just make an unfortunate slip on social media, she showed us who she really is.

Eric wasn’t having any of it. This was his response…


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In reply to:Gasbag The Last#14  Gasbag, put away your fake outrage, I am sure you weren’t this outraged at all the remarks aimed at Palin and her family.  This is the team sport of politics, when one side gets outraged over the same action they themselves take.  Oh, and you get bonus points for tying the race card too, well done.

To which Gasman replied…

None too keen with the ol’ reasoning skills there, goober.  Please, cite one of the apocryphal remarks made about the Sarah Palin or her use of her family as stage props that you think is even remotely comparable.  Palin quite literally used her children as hand props at nearly every public appearance she made.  PALIN MADE her children part of her political personae.  The president and the first lady do not.  Palin’s daughters appeared on reality TV shows.  Palin’s daughters waded into the fray on their own by getting into bar fights or acts of vandalism.  BIG DIFFERENCE, goober.  Leave it to a ‘bagger to trot out a lameass false equivalency.


And I assure you there is nothing “faux” about my outrage.  It is most genuine and sincere.


As far as the charge of racism goes, I stand behind what I wrote.  I’m sick and tired of all of the inane charges that cannot be supported by even a single bit of demonstrable, verifiable evidence.  Those are the rather blatant instances of racism by proxy of which I wrote.  You’ve done nothing to counter my rather detailed exegesis of the charge other than hurl a spittle flecked brainless “YOU SUCK!”

I’m willing to bet that Lauten isn’t laughing all that much over her gaffe and I seriously doubt she’d laugh all that much at my post.  However, most of us are laughing at you and your rather flaccid apologia for Lauten’s racism.

And I will leave it at that. 😉



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8 Responses to The Resignation Of Elizabeth Lauten

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Great find, IG. Gasman nails Lauten and most of the gop.

  2. Just_a_Mote says:

    “Gasman the First” sounds like the “Gasman” would used to cut to the chase with exuberant fluency over at The Immoral Minority. He/She was always very entertaining.

  3. Spot on. Excellent. Go Gasman! Shine the light, there is nothing more powerful.
    Remember, the more exposure Palin got, the lower she fell.

  4. comeonpeople says:

    This Lauten chick is projecting all her own shot onto the first family. Psych 101. Like someone else we know.

  5. 40Watt says:

    Had she not mentioned inappropriate dress, I wouldn’t bring this up.

    Ms. Lauten, show some respect. When attending a party, it is not appropriate to go straight from having your hair bleached (and then some) wearing the beauty parlor smock, even if you have tied it saucily to one side. It just not classy.

  6. Scarsdale says:

    So, Lauten is the one in blue with the protruding belly button?

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