Everyone Is Laughing At The Palins. Update On The Pie Crust


laughingCourtesy of Wonkette and The Fartknocker report:

Yr Wonket understands the double standard applied to women politicians as regards their sartorial choices, so we will not snark about the cut-out shoulders on Palin’s sweater.

Ha, psych, we are totally going to snark about the cut-out shoulders on Palin’s sweater. Join us in the comments, if such a thing were allowed!

-Tough times when a former VP candidate can’t even afford to buy sleeves.
-FLOTUS like, “Bish plz.”
-Does “sun’s out, guns out” apply to Arctic winters?

Snark aside, Sarah Palin is a 50-year-old grandmother, and she probably has better muscle tone than Yr Wonket. We mock because tearing others down helps build us up.


We also mock because Palin’s gustatory goal is to make homemade cinnamon rolls that taste just like the stuff you eat at the airport, about 20 minutes before you get the squirts.

Meanwhile, over at Mediaite they have noticed that Palin has weighed in on Ferguson. She has a disgusting quote which she stole and then attributed the quote to President Obama.


It appears that Palin lifted the image from the Facebook page of Mad World News, a website that is “firmly devoted to bringing you the truth and the stories that the mainstream media ignores.”

Besides numerous quote-mark errors, the joke quote doesn’t appear to reflect reason or reality when it comes to what the president has actually said about looting in Ferguson. But that didn’t stop Palin from sharing it with her 4.4 million fans and letting them have at it.

Yup, beside being a racist pig, Palin is a stupid, racist pig whose goal in life is to make cinnabons.

And over at TMZ, they are having a right old laugh at the Palin family brawl audio.

img314I wonder what the now unemployed Elizabeth Lauten has to say about that performance?!?

Update: A very observant reader over at IM (H/T  to Anon at 10.24am) noticed that Palin did not in fact make the dough for that apple pie, you know the one where she was snot seen rolling the dough.

snotThe old fake was using pre-made dough.

piecrustLookie, lookie. It is still wrapped up in the plastic. All nice and curled up. Just like what happens when you take it out of the box!!!!

Oh Sarah, Faye Palin will be so upset that you didn’t really use her recipe for pie crust.


pie crust

Malia Litman has a great post about Palin’s culinary skills. 🙂

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3 Responses to Everyone Is Laughing At The Palins. Update On The Pie Crust

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Keith Olbermann once said, in reference to Quitter, “That woman is an idiot!” Quitter proves KO right every time she posts to FB, opens her mouth or posts a video. In addition, she’s hateful.

    I’m surprised that she hasn’t weighed in on the Lauten incident, but making it all about how everyone is so mean to HER kids.

  2. comeonpeople says:

    Those are totally ready made pie crusts!
    What a faker.
    Sarah, there is no harm in using them – I do all the time. They are reliable and easy to work with. However, I ‘don’t lie and say I made it from scratch like my pei crust whisperer friend Cary B. lol!!!
    Why do you lie? Why do you lie about EVERY BLESSED THING IN YOUR LIFE???

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