The Palins Celebrate Thanksgiving In The Shed

thanksgivingFrom the previous post…and a big H/T to FortyWatt (our bright bulb).

thanksgiving boots

I’m going to have to email the old hooah to find out where I can get boots like that.

Forty Watt is worried that the lovely apple pie that Sarah made may be a tad on the small side.

pie crust

That was snot rilly an apple pie.


I am also worried about the turkey.


I’m sure the old hooah was up early slaving over the dinner…


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28 Responses to The Palins Celebrate Thanksgiving In The Shed

  1. titlewave says:

    Looks like a grade school fundraiser in the gym, not a warm, family get together.
    The Palin family standing off to the side look like they are planning their Brawl strategies.

  2. 40Watt says:

    “That was snot rilly an apple pie.” Love it! πŸ˜€ – not the pie, the joke. πŸ˜‰

  3. titlewave says:

    “I’m going to have to email the old hooah to find out where I can get boots like that.”

    I double-dog dare you πŸ™‚

  4. lindak1961 says:

    Love the Laugh In” clip.

    About 10 years ago, we had our Thanksgiving dinner in a similar place – the garage of the firehouse behind my SIL’s house. She’s a volunteer, so was able to use the place, and it was perfect, because she had a such a large crowd coming that year. Brothers, sisters, moms, dads, children, cousins, aunts and uncles, in-laws, outlaws and friends showed up. Everyone brought something, and we had a wonderful feast. No TVs, nor gold ribbon on the chairs during the meal. Afterwards, some played games, others chatted, still others went to my brother’s and SIL’s house to watch football on TV. It might not have looked homey, but we made it homey with good food and fellowship. If that had been any family but Quitter’s, I’d think the same thing, but because it’s the Palins, I think of it as the meal from Hell.

    • MrsGunka says:

      I loved the Frank Farkle bit! We used to call ourselves the Farkle Family and Ray would call Jon “Fred Farkle”. Jon was about 4 and he would say, “I’m not Thread Farkle”! We watched it and he said he didn’t remember the show, but Daddy calling him Thread Farkle. That was 50 years ago! Yikes! Seams like yesterday! I watched many of the other they had on there and we have been laughing our heads off for over an hour. George Gobel was always a favorite and Jonathan Winters! I want to watch more tomorrow when my ribs have had a rest!

      I noticed there wasn’t any food on the tables…apparently the caterer’s had not arrived yet with the Crunch Wraps. I hope they have some extra pie on the truck. That apple pie ought to be green by now! I love the bows on the chairs in the hanger…classy!

    • Cecily says:

      You just described what Sarah’s thankgiving party was like, her family, immed and extended, Todd’s mom, brother and sister (dd is closer to her sister from her mom’s side and niece Troiane). Except at Sarah’s house were also several friends and their kids. They had a huge game of E bingo and then the kids had their own. It lasted all day pretty much.

      Not that you’re interested in FACTS. Just hate for you

  5. As someone that books events, I see a lot of rentals there — tables, chairs, chair bows, tablecloths, centerpieces. Seems like a lot of organization and procurement that I just don’t see Ms. SP pulling off. Her minions must have worked hard. Looks like Sally is at the table to the right of Ms SP with Chuck Jr.’s family? If Todd and Sara are both at the back and the food table is front right, who’s running the show . . . . Bristol ? Will the expenses show up in the next PAC financial statement? And, personally, I think Chuck Jr. should think twice about posting family pics like these given all the SP followers of both ilks. I know my children lay down posting rules to all the family members about what’s OK and not OK to post with their kidlets in it . . . I wouldn’t want my grandkids to be lurked at.

    • Cecily says:

      Yet your little friends here post their family pictures on these blogs in the comments? LOL It’s not like the Palins… publicize a lot of their lives. You barely see anything.

      And no one takes money from Sarah. This I know for certain. Her kids have never asked for money (adult kids)

  6. lindak1961 says:

    Thanks IG for the tip on doing screenshots, and I was able to do one showing that the SPC is being advertised. However, I wasn’t able to paste it here, but was able to do so at Politicalgates.

  7. PVSWAZ says:

    Basketball hoop, make’s a nice center piece. Hope nobody hit’s the remote.

  8. Just_a_Mote says:

    So the AIP secessionist wears “Star Spangled Boots.” The absurdity of this lowbrow is only eclipsed by the absurdity of the fools who adore and donate to her.

  9. 40Watt says:

    Did Bristol, Willow, Track, Piper etc. not show up? There doesn’t seem to be anyone at Sarah’s and Todd’s table apart from them.

  10. MrsGunka says:

    Is it snowing in Dublin? I’ve got snowflakes falling the top of the blog to the bottom! Nice side effects! It’s so realistic. πŸ™‚

  11. Cecily says:

    Last years turkey looked good.

    Also, to “combat” nasties lies about Trig not talking, he definitely can talk. He says mom, dad, his siblings names, i love you, and such things. WHh a bunch of knownothing democrats who spend their lives hating and lying would even think they could discuss Trig in depth is beyond me.

  12. comeonpeople says:

    How much postage does it cost to heat a gigantic heater in Alaska? I know it is far colder in the lower 48 right now than it is is Alaaaaaska, but still.
    Seems irresponsible and wasteful.
    But it’s not like they pay out of their “own pocket”.

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