What To Do, What To Do?

girls missing

Sarah Palin, fiddling with her tits last night on Fox. Actually, her tits are nowhere to be seen.  I thought she dropped the mic, but just maybe her titties landed in her lap. We will never know…  Was it a net gain?


Onto more serious issues..

In response  to a recent post

Have been thinking the exact same thing myself. I am not the type for conspiracy theories but so many of these races were polling well and blue in the beginning of the day and then all at once it seemed they turned red…
I also, too was so depressed yesterday, and had to listen to my father, who is usually a rational, thoughtful, left leaning Republican lecture me on how the new Congress would work with Obama. When I replied that was impossible, they would never work with Obama, and that the Democrats shouldn’t even entertain the idea of working with them, he accused me of being an “ultra liberal” which totally pissed me off.
In any case, I’m trying hard to find the silver lining but i just don’t see any. Our party is the party of goodie two shoes, spineless jellyfish who can’t even defend themselves when they know they are right. If they cave to these demands from McConnell and Boehner, I’m going to just have to be done with all of this. I can’t take it anymore.
-The Imposter (Ayerishgrl)


Hey girl,
Time for a pep talk. I think you are right about the polling. I went to bed thinking Cristy and Hagan were certs – woke up to find them gone! How Scott survived in Florida is anyone’s guess. The polls had Cristy ahead by a good margin so wtf. Walker in Wisconsin? I had a friend for dinner a week or so ago who obtained her citizenship so she could vote against the fecker.

Of course the Dems didn’t come out to vote and that made it a lot easier for any shenanigans to be hidden. The over 65s did and you know how they vote generally. And as you say, the lily-livered Democrats did not back Obama. They shied away from him. The funny thing about all that was that the Democrats who held onto their beliefs and had him campaign for them got elected.

If I were an American, you know what I would be doing. I would be campaigning for electoral reform. I don’t know what the situation is in the US, but I think that here if you collect so many signatures, you can actually force a referendum. You guys need to get rid of those damn machines. It is absolutely heartbreaking to think that your vote didn’t count or was flipped. That is not democracy. The Republicans have been stealing votes for years and it is time that it was stopped.

I hope that Mitch will want a legacy. He can’t be seen to be such an obnoxious turtle this time around. I am hoping that he will try and get something done. I am being optimistic. Glass half full and all o’ that shite.

Lastly, tell your father that he had better watch out for the shower rail that I accidentally broke.  🙂

The other Irishgirl

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15 Responses to What To Do, What To Do?

  1. dowhat? says:

    I’ll leave this here for Sarah……

  2. ayerishgrl says:

    LOL-you just made me spit my water out i laughed so hard! Thanks for the pep talk!

  3. 40Watt says:

    The Results Were Skewed Toward Republicans: A Response to Nate Silver

    It’s been happening for years now. On the day after elections like last Tuesday’s, media figures begin navel gazing to figure out how pre-election polls, created by dozens of independent pollsters using dozens of different methodologies, could all find the same thing but turn out to be so wrong once the election results are in.

    The presumption is that the results are always right, and if they don’t match the polls, its the polls that must be wrong, as opposed to the results.

    Read on – http://www.bradblog.com/?p=10929

  4. Me Here says:

    What’s with the tugging at her blouse lately? More bizarre sexualized actions to go with the tongue action.

    Crude, lewd, and rude.

  5. 40Watt says:

    In this case, her mic, which was attached to the neckline of her blouse, fell down inside it. That was what she was manipulating. There was a split second, when it first dropped, where she looked as though she was going to stick her hand down to retrieve it, but mercifully thought better of that approach.

  6. Oh, brother — is her get-up intended to portray Ms. SP as a religious scholarly type of some sort? Epic fail.

    • 40Watt says:

      Words fail me – almost. What in the name of the wee man was she fiddling with at the beginning of that clip? She looked like she was rearranging her knickers…..?!

      • titlewave says:

        She was picking her seat, haha

        What a nervous nelly- the whole thing reminded me of a 10 year old giving a book report or sharing ‘what our family did this summer’. Fussing nervously and searching for words, getting excited when remembering the famous people she rubbed elbows with. What was up with that ending? “Teacher, am I done?”

        I would bet everything I’ve got that she has never read that book she was holding, desperately trying to figure out how that ribbon bookmark worked.

  7. 40Watt says:

    “What was up with that ending? “Teacher, am I done?”’

    You got to the end? I am in awe.

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