Sarah Palin Doesn’t Approve of Bob Cesca Using Her TV Videos – Fight

beautyBob Cesca of The Daily Banter is having a little Sarah Palin trouble. I just listened to the Bob and Chez podcast (around the 6.50 mark) and Bob explains that Palin is having her production company try to sue him for having her video clips. Bob believes it is fair use and they think picking a fight is a bad idea PR wise. Bob said he wrote three pieces about Palin and used excerpts from her channel and posted it on his youtube account. He says it’s commentary and news and it is fair use. Apparently the production company asked youtube to take them down. Bob now has three strikes against him. One more strike and they will kill his youtube account.

This is all because Sarah Palin can’t handle it. She can’t handle criticism. Bob has been keeping screen captures of all of the youtube postings proving that they have been coming after him. He says the woman who goes off all the time about the first amendment and being silenced and all that crap is trying to stifle criticism in regards to her SP channel video. Chez says that she will make the argument that you have to pay to see it.

Bob argues that you don’t have to be a lawyer to understand that she is a public figure. It’s like copyright law 101 – it’s news. It is not unlike Stephen Colbert using a clip from MSNBC or Fox News. It’s absolutely fair use. He believes it’s going to be interesting going forward from here. He has disputed all three claims from TAPP TV and Jeff Gaspin and Jon Klein. Apparently Gaspin gave Bob his first TV show ten years ago. They don’t seem to like Klein very much.

So there you have it. Palin doesn’t like being made fun of and she is trying to shut Bob Cesca up. Yes, she who loves the first amendment so much. I wonder if the Palins will all arrive on his doorstep in their hummer and start another brawl.

drunkenrumpus-630x275Courtesy of Jeanne Devon at The Mudflats

Stay tuned. This could get interesting! 😉

[H/T to AnnetteK at Politicalgates who mentioned the podcast in a comment]

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7 Responses to Sarah Palin Doesn’t Approve of Bob Cesca Using Her TV Videos – Fight

  1. MrsGunka says:

    Poor baby! “Why is everybody picking on me?”

  2. OK, to me this screams “way too obvious – what is it she wants us to look away FROM”?

    I’m guessing a settlement has been reached in the copyright infringement case with plaintiff North Jersey Media Group that she wants to distract prying eyes from. We know she projects like crazy.

    Or perhaps something to do with the Palin Brawl.

    Maybe its the release of SarahPAC’s FEC filing later this month for July 1st through Sept. 30th.

    Or maybe TAPP is going to pull the plug on her vanity project. The numbers just. aren’t. there.

    She knows she’s a public figure, and for that matter many others have used her videos in their blog posts. Is she going to pursue all of them too? If not – why not? If its selective, we know its because Cesca hit a nerve – a very raw, emotional one at that. Nobody lashes out like the vindictive Palin.

  3. IM’s has a Ms. SP post about Mighty Warriors and their PTSD program. Guess what – – you can watch her SP Channel video for free – – lucky us. My reaction was an immediate from the 70’s – gag me with a spoon! Somewhere mid video she kinda quotes a Mighty Warriors possible statement “There will always be another tough battle to fight. That’s life. Get used to it!” Whoa – – I hope that insensitive, uninformed and out of touch attitude was somehow misrepresented. Doesn’t seem like a sentiment that addresses emotional healing. Watching the video made me think of an amalgamation of a Sarah MacLaughlin abused animals commercial and the televangelist Jan with the purple hair. Ms. SP comes off as phony baloney as they come as a spokeswhatever.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Someone commented over at IM that she is really playing PTSD in order to detract from Track’s actions in the brawl. Don’t be surprised if you hear from the Palin that he is suffering from this and had a flashback or whatever on the night of the fight.

      • 40Watt says:

        I think you’re onto something. We wait and watch. 😉

      • Ripley in CT says:

        Sheesh, I figured that was absoLUTEly the reason for all the PTSD talk as soon as the fight went public. Track’s a loose cannon, and it isn’t because of anything he experienced at “war”. He was made that way. So, are they going to blame Todd and Bristol’s behavior on PTSD, too? Until I see a doctor’s diagnostic criteria met for it, I’ll never believe Track has PTSD from being a soldier. But from living in the Palin household? You Betcha!

        I am praying (and I don’t pray) that Gryphen et al come up with the smoking gun on this family. They are overdue. All of ’em. Any of ’em. Except the little children, of course. They are innocent victims of this entire pathology. A narcissist as the family matriarch is never good. I wonder if Sally is the same way? We know Bristol inherited it. It comes from somewhere……

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