The Palins – The Family That Drinks Together Brawls Together And How Not To Parent


More details about the Palin brawl from Amanda Coyne:

But I thought I should update, because people seem to really want to know. Frankly, I would too if I were them, and weren’t at a health care conference, etc…

So, here it goes: What I have heard since, without much trying, and what I knew then, is that the cops were called after the brawl. It’s confirmed that the Palins, all of them, were in some way involved in a fight at a house in Anchorage where a party was going on. Bristol’s son, Tripp was at the party. I have confirmed from multiple sources that Bristol punched someone repeatedly, and that charges might be filed. I spoke to a source yesterday who witnessed part of it. She said that some in the crowd were trying to restrain Sarah, who was clawing to get involved in the fight, which had moved to the cul-de-sac outside of the house. She was also screaming loudly. She wore platform high-tops with the American flag on them, and Bristol wore big, round shades. As I reported, Track was at some point in the night, shirtless.

The whole family arrived in a stretch Hummer limo, and had to be told to leave the house.

That’s what I know. Stay tuned, no doubt, for more.

flag shoes

Well, it appears that Miss *Prim and Proper* herself was involved in the shenanigans, wearing her American flag hooves no less…

What strikes me about this whole business is the absolute absence of any parenting on the part of Sarah, Todd and Bristol. What sort of parents arrive at a party with a whole load of drunken/stoned twenty year old children in tow? Have they no sense of embarrassment or shame? By all accounts, Bristol was clearly drunk when she started punching the host of the party. She was pushed away, and was so drunk that she fell down and ended up with her dress around her waist. Apparently Todd was looking on. That was the time for a good father to pick her up and get her  and the rest of his out of control brood out of there. But no, they all moved outside and continued their drunken brawl.

Amanda also reports that Tripp was at the party. Way to go Bristol. Get completely hammered in the presence of your small son. Who was going to see him safely into bed that night?

Sarah Palin advertised on her new blog/channel that she would give parenting advice to her fans!!! No thanks.

“Do you know who I am?”

Amanda Coyne has just updated again.

As I had reported a few days ago, multiple accounts say that it started when Track confronted Willow’s former boyfriend, Conner Cleary, who was there with his father Steve and his mother Melissa. Thompson didn’t see this part, but other witnesses, who didn’t want to be named, say that Conner and Track fought on the front yard. Steve tried to break it up. Todd jumped into the mix and began to choke Steve.

After that ended, Conner, Steve, and Melissa Cleary huddled together close to Thompson, who spotted Bristol and Willow from a distance, walking straight towards them with purpose.

“They were on a b-line, coming straight at Melissa,” Thompson said.

The owner of the house, Klingenmeyer, was trying to head them off at the pass. He approached them and told them to leave. Bristol, according to Thompson and other witnesses, planted her feet, “stood straight up, brought her arm back and cold-cocked him right in the face,” Thompson said.

And then she did it again, about six more times, before he pushed her away, and she fell, and Todd appeared.

“I was thoroughly amazed at the restraint Korey showed. He’s a total gentlemen,” Thompson said.

Another melee. This time Sarah got involved and began to scream profanities at everyone. One source, who didn’t want to be named, said that she was “nearly crawling on top of people,” trying to get into the scrum.

As these things go, that also broke up, and the Palins were asked again to leave. They piled into the Hummer, but not until Track stood out in front of the house, inexplicably with his shirt off, his middle finger raised at those who were also leaving.

What a lovely, lovely family…


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16 Responses to The Palins – The Family That Drinks Together Brawls Together And How Not To Parent

  1. Me Here says:

    Nothing serious, but the copy-and-paste of Amanda Coyne’s report from Thompson pasted twice.

    As for the brawl? Class always shows. In this case it’s low class.

  2. ayerishgrl says:

    Ahhh Irish- I can’t tell you how much I love this story! Trash always rises to the top you know??

  3. Scorpie says:

    This story is everywhere, USAToday, Washington Post, MSNBC and many others. Wearing out my mouse finger clicking on all of the stories. Impatiently waiting for the video to be posted.

  4. Ripley in CT says:

    I watched this on Good Morning America online. George Stephanopolous is wayyyyy too excited to get video of this. People are tired of her and of pretending to be interested in what she spews. I hope Hannity and Fox Noise choke on their regret.

    Schadenfreude is a wonderful thing.

  5. crow says:

    Last I heard, the Palins “couldn’t be reached for comment”. At some point she will have to say something. I think she will go with the “Mama Grizzly” defense. Brother Grizzly was just defending the honor of Baby Grizzly. Sister Grizzly thought her littermate still needed even more defendin’, and ended up punching out the host of the party because he wasn’t protectin’ the Baby Grizzly enough. Then Papa Grizzly got involved to defend Sister Grizzly. Sarah wasn’t sure what was going on but she saw her cubs in trouble and the Mama Grizzly in her just came out swinging because, you know, she’s just such a protective mama grizzly and all. And, of course, none of it is her fault. Her fans will see how she is the victim in all of this and praise her mama grizzly protectiveness. Sheesh! The lamestream media just doesn’t get it, and the liberal “pundints” are always attacking her and we are all just a bunch of haters anyway. And we don’t support the troops and the Muslim Kenyan wants to take away our guns, also, too. And Benghazi.

    • 40Watt says:

      Izzard’s Death Star canteen was the second thing I too thought of when I heard the “do you know who I am.” The first was the calm response of a ticketing agent at a small airport that was fogged in, all flights grounded. As the irate and self-important berated her mercilessly, that question was yelled at her more than once. She never missed a beat: “Yes sir, and the line for the Masters of the Universe forms at the left.”

  6. MrsGunka says:

    This just keeps getting betterer and betterer….like Christmas eve, waiting for the videos to appear. I missed her on Hannity last night, but did see them bring up Benghazi to cover up the brawl! Don’t think she will be making any more appearances on FOX to use as a detraction for the up-coming elections of their clown car candidates! And Crooze being boo’d off the stage was priceless! Wake up America, all the GOP does is lie! Just a bunch of castrated pigs! And they can’t fly! 🙂

  7. 40Watt says:

    The report in the Guardian includes this line – “For once, there were no cameras rolling.”

    I hope they’re mistaken.

  8. Kamhaus says:

    And to think this brawl could have happened on the White House Lawn – or at least the Vice President’s residence lawn.

  9. MrsGunka says:

    Watching the MSM opening their eyes today to this fraudulent family has been quite the experience. Reading the Palin blogs has been like de-ja-vu when she came upon the scene and they totally ignored this crazy woman. They are acting like this story is the best thing since sliced bread. They are just giddy about this revelation! Yet Fox news has not uttered a sound.

    Needless to say, I haven’t gotten a thing done trying to keep up with the updates. I hope this not only shuts this idiot up but will trickle down to the TeaParty’s lying ways and what the House of Rep has done to this country. If this doesn’t wake up America at the voting booth and vote these scoundrels out of office we are in deep trouble. The Koch bros need to go to prison too for how they have funded these crooks to control our country. John Mc Cain needs to be run out and never heard from again! He was a puppet too and played right into their hands for allowing her to be on the ticket with him. He had picked someone else but went along to get along to have attention too. He and Ms Lindsey need to go to Happy Acres and pretend they are the leaders of their next imagined war!

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