Sarah Palin Comes To Town And Doug Ducey Does A Runner


spaThere is a very interesting video of Sarah Palin at last night’s event in Arizona. The video can be found here.

Thanks to C4P for that! The crowd at the urinal were not exactly enamoured with this video and this is the reason why.

The reporter, Jonathan Lowe wanted to know where Doug Ducey was!!! Remember, Palin had endorsed him as the Republican nominee for Governor. And he won. Now, you’d think that he would want to hang around and thank Palin, wouldn’t you?

As Mr. Lowe explained, and some other man also and too. Doug Ducey doesn’t want to be seen dead with her. She performed her function by appealing to the base (and I mean base) and maybe helped  Ducey win the primary.


But true love is quickly forgotten. Palin  doesn’t draw the crowds anymore. As Lowe reported, there were half-priced tickets and unfilled seats. She is no longer a novelty. Ha! 🙂



Apparently Palin only allowed the media to catch the first three minutes of her appearance at Grand Canyon University. I wonder if she uttered her crude remarks about President Obama in those three minutes? This *woman* is a mother. Has she no decency at all? To call President Obama impotent and suggest that he pulled out early (of Iraq) was not only factually wrong, but it was absolutely disgusting. Can she possibly get any lower? I mean that is gutter talk at its lowest and basest.

I digress however. Back to Ducey and his non-appearance. Ducey after a very nasty campaign, has now got to try and appeal to the independents. He has to move to the centre. He most certainly doesn’t want this awful woman clinging to his coat-tails. It is under the bus for you Mrs. Palin.

sarah palin is coming


No, she is gone.

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4 Responses to Sarah Palin Comes To Town And Doug Ducey Does A Runner

  1. 40Watt says:

    I can’t resist this one from the P-pond. Given this is an elderly, British gentleman now living in Canada, dare I say, there’s something almost charming about it. (Don’t throw things at me)

    colint • 3 hours ago
    After Sarah’s speech last night i had difficulty sleeping after seeing her painted toe nails. I am concerned whether they are presidential. We never see the Queen’s (UK) toenails. No US president has ever had painted toe nails although am not sure about Obama. If she was painting her toe nails when WW3 was about to break would she have to wait until they dried.

      • psminidivapa says:

        “Sorry, have no time to reply. I am painting my toenails.If my nails are not absolutely perfect, I will not be able to sleep tonight…..BUGGER….just screwed up a nail…will have to start over….this is so upsetting me that I will have to have a St. Margaret or two….blahblahblah….Obama….blahblah….Bengazi…..blahblah…pay-me-now…”
        (this is what is going on in in that bobble head)

  2. Lilylake says:

    Pathetic excuse for a “speaker”. Her sexual connotations are just sicko.

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