Chris Kyle – A Dead American Liar

Sniper Chris KyleI have always had a soft spot for Jesse Ventura. I don’t know why, but I just like the guy. I think it is his honesty in the face of ridicule that gets to me. Being a 9/11 Truther is not a popular position for anyone to take. You are labelled as a whacko. I have always been very skeptical of the “official 9/11” story, and the recent plane crash in Ukraine only reinforced it for me. We saw broken bodies and plane parts, but in Shanksville, PA the plane conveniently disappeared down some mine shaft or something? I mean, c’mon! So I like that Jesse speaks his mind and I was interested in the result of the court case that he had taken against Chris Kyle, particularly in view of The Palin’s pronouncements. Back to matters at hand.

Jesse won his court case and was awarded $1.8 million. The jury believed that Chris Kyle had lied. And oh boy, Chris Kyle was some liar.

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Here is a little background on Chris Kyle and his story:  Kyle was a Navy SEAL sniper from Texas. He claims to be the deadliest sniper in American history with over 160 ‘confirmed’ kills. Confirmed kills are defined as kills with at least one other witness besides the shooter. Kyle served four tours of duty in Iraq and was awarded two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars for Valor for his actions during the war. Upon returning to Texas after his tours of duty were over, he settled down with his wife and two kids, started a security firm and wrote a book about his experiences as a sniper. The book, American Sniper, became an instant success and propelled Chris Kyle into a sort of celebrity status. Kyle also worked helping other war veterans deal with PTSD when they returned from the war. On February 2, 2013, Chris brought a vet suffering from PTSD to a shooting range where the vet shot and killed both Chris Kyle and a friend.

In the lead up to the defamation case going to trial, all of the legal experts on television and in print said that it was highly unlikely that Jesse Ventura could win the case because the bar was set very high in defamation cases concerning celebrities. According to these various experts, in order for Ventura to win he would need to prove that not only did Chris Kyle lie about him, but also prove that he did so maliciously and that he prospered from it.

Despite the very high burden of proof, on July 19, 2014, Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, WWF wrestler, TV show host and Former Navy SEAL (technically he was in the pre-cursor to SEALs, the UDT) won a defamation lawsuit against deceased former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, author of American Sniper to the tune of $1.8 million. In the book, Chris Kyle, claimed to have punched ‘Scruff-face’, later identified by Kyle as Jesse Ventura, in a SEAL bar in California after Ventura said some nasty things.

Of course, there wasn’t an ounce of truth to Kyle’s accusations. The author of this piece, Michael McCaffrey goes on to cite numerous examples of Kyle’s far-fetched tales. He basically made shit up and no one could verify it. Links to the New Yorker and The Washington Post corroborate this.

3B445AD084E3491EA6F837D1D7C8E64CPalin at Kyle’s funeral. Apparently that was in Iowa.

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18 Responses to Chris Kyle – A Dead American Liar

  1. MrsGunka says:

    We ought to be hearing from Sarie in 3-2-1! She has no idea what the problem of lying is about, especially if it’s about one’s 2nd Amendment rights! Kyle was a 5 star Gen’l in her eyes. Wow! Kyle wiped out 160 terrorists all by himself. He is a hero in her eyes. Jessie apparently had no “kills” and completed his term in office so a complete nothing in her book. John Mc Cain was another hero to her til he wouldn’t let her give her “concession speech”! Nothing says classy like giving autographs at a liars funeral! Birds of a feather! Jesse filed that law suit against the publisher long before Kyle was killed…it was for the lies in his book. It didn’t involved his widow or kids…..the publisher for not checking facts.

  2. sallyinmi says:

    Too bad no one has bothered to fact check Sarah’s pages of crap. Are there no editors any longer?

  3. lindak1961 says:

    Julezz, if Joe McGinniss put lies about the Palins in his book, the Palins should have sued him. They could have set the record straight and made money at the same time. Funny how Quitter threatenes to sue various people, but never actually does.

  4. MemphisNY says:

    Off topic but Please say extra prayers for those in harms way in Iraq

  5. MemphisNY says:

    IG knows .. I’m having an extremely rough time my daughter is on the ground in the middle east Semper Fi

  6. Flora Brewer says:

    Fort Worth, TX
    Dec. 25, 2014
    Ms. Kyle knows nothing about PTSD—yet she say on Fox News this past week, she does not believe in PTSD. My husband is a 23 Year Retired Officer. He served with the 173th Airborne in Viet Nam. He served with the 101 Airborne during the Cuban Crises. He has suffered with PTSD since 1968. I can tell you a little bit about PTSD. You are making millions of dollars at the death of your husband because some one with this disorder killed him. Shame on you! My husband is a patience at the VA Alzheimer Unit. He has not had a mind since 2005. He has gone through Prostate Cancer due to Agent Orange (Lost a brother, due to Agent Orange). Son, a retired LTC, deployed 7 times—Gulf Was & Iraq. I can tell you a few things about PTSD.

  7. Your Mom says:

    A few questions:
    In the words of your most well known Liberal: WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!?

    If it makes none, why bring it up?

    Ah, but if it DOES make a difference, then shouldn’t ALL truth make a difference?

    Chew on that, bitch.

  8. Mary says:

    I havent seen so much vile and hateful words spoken on a site about a murdered veteran in my life. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I am assuming most of you are under the age of 15 by your total disregard of the family and friends Mr Kyle leaves behind. Surely grown ups dont talk or think this way. Its also unthinkable that anyone in their right mind would think it alright for JV to take money from the widow and children of an American Hero. Its deplorable, and so is he. He has no integrity and proved it after Mr Kyles murder when he continued on with the lawsuit. He could have been a man and dropped it out of simple respect for a murdered SEAL. .But his greed got the better of him … Easy money when you prey on a widow and two small children right Jessie? Shame on you!.

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