What Guns And Ammo’s Regular Readers Think Of Sarah Palin – Hint, Not A Lot

Amazing-America-page-ad-231x300As America waits with bated breath for the premiere of Amazing America on April the 3rd, Sarah Palin has meanwhile given an interview to Guns and Ammo for the May edition of their magazine. What do the regular readers of this magazine think? Not a lot judging by the comments on Guns and Ammo’s Facebook page.

guns1Of course, I had to grab some screen shots of the reaction over there.

guns2Now you see that Jean Miller at the end making her *loser* comment. Well, I am pretty sure that is Jean A. from the pee pond. She gets up every morning and comments, “I stand with Sarah Palin.” She is a rabid Palin fan.

guns3Oh looky, she has one friend – Rebecca Mansour. 🙂

guns45Oh Denise Schappell is getting all rude and sexist to poor Chris Manspeaker. I must say that Sarah Palin’s female fans leave a lot to be desired.

guns5I suspect that that was the first time that dear Denise commented on Guns and Ammo’s FB page. These poor woman have a bad case of Palin flatulence infatuation.


Well that is what the serious gun crowd think of Sarah Palin and her Amazing America. Precious isn’t it? 🙂

Holy hairballs. It appears that Todd Palin will also be hosting a show on The Sportsman’s Channel about the Iditarod. Now that is sacrilege.

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9 Responses to What Guns And Ammo’s Regular Readers Think Of Sarah Palin – Hint, Not A Lot

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Great reading those comments, and good to know that gun owners aren’t all stupid.

    I wonder how much SarahPAC is paying the Sportsman Channel to air these two vanity shows? What’s next? Husband Hunting with Bristol Palin?

    • 40Watt says:

      “Husband Hunting with Bristol Palin?” Love it! 😀

      I have a feeling we are reading the words of real, responsible hunters – you know, people with cognitive skills and awareness.

      Todd hosting a program about the Iditarod is going to upset a whole lot of people. Hell, Im almost as qualified. I mean I have a dog and a sled. 😉

      • 40Watt says:

        And as you can see above I don’t always know where to put apostrophes, also too. Hell, Im beginning to feel offended the Sports Channel didn’t ask me. 😉

  2. MrsGunka says:

    Priceless! You know, the real hunters of the world are really getting fed up with these two posers. There are gun nuts/hunters and there are nuts who think hoarding guns, ammo is about the government taking them away and joining militia’s and open-carry and daring anyone to pry them out of their cold-hands killing people who get in their way or commit crimes.

    The Heath/Palins are the biggest frauds in the world! Just like going to church on Easter and Christmas doesn’t make you a Christian, or standing in the garage makes you a car or having a pile of wild animal antlers in your yard makes you a hunter. If you know anything about elk, deer, moose, they shed their racks every year. A hike thru the back country in the mountains you can pick them up everywhere! Our kids would drag them home every time they went out back-packing and they never shot an animal in their life at this age.

    I never went hunting in my life but had 32 elk in my yard everyday. During rutting season I would find antlers in my yard from the bulls claiming their ladies of the night, day, mornings and afternoons! I can’t tell you the times I was tempted to grab a gun and shoot the monster eating everything in my garden and flower beds. I resorted to two pan lids or a spoon on the skillet to shoo them off! Some years I had more pictures of elk herds in my yard than I had of my kids! But it wasn’t during hunting season! 🙂

    I lived with a hunter for 55 years and I know a real hunter/sportsman when I see one. In five+ years I have never seen one iota of that in those frauds! So glad to read these comments and maybe these shows will stop having these fakes on to promote their shows. YUK!

  3. I work for a City and received an email yesterday advising employees that 2 folks in black with holstered guns were walking around outside of City Hall. The City was aware of them, had received some 911 calls, and were not intervening as this seems to be an ‘open carry’ type of demonstration to incite police intervention. If that’s responsible gun ownership, something’s really messed up.

  4. jk says:

    Sarah Palin’s female fans are basically the pathetic girls who hover around the mean girl in high school doing her dirty work. They are lackeys and flunkies who amplify her nastiness. It makes them think they are in the “cool crowd.” I’m sure we’ve all known girls like that.

  5. m says:

    Pimp is hosting but we did not get to hear his sissy voice. Why?

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