How To Fake A Pregnancy

This little item caught my attention last week.

Of course, knowing Palin, she will be rushing to slap her logo on the pics in order to raise money for her PAC. She is after all strapped for cash and she is the master of pregnancy faking.

Fake 1

I thought I’d save her the bother and I’ve done it for her.



No need to thank me Sarah.

Fake 2Poor old belly – all alone.


And voila…



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7 Responses to How To Fake A Pregnancy

  1. lindak1961 says:

    LOL! After reading Mae’s comment on Politicalgates, the one about Quitter’s dumb and inaccurate “joke” about Obama and Putin, I realize she still hasn’t gotten over the shellacking God gave her in 2008. Yes, God, not Obama, not Biden, nor even the voters, but God! Didn’t she say something about “God letting the right people winning”? She hasn’t the cojones to curse God, so she insults the one God let win in her place (another inaccuracy, as she was running against Biden, not Obama).

  2. Mrsgunka says:

    I’m so glad the one who beat her is coming Monday, with his loving wife, Dr. Biden, to look at the flood damage and see what has to be done and give some support for all the people who lost everything. Just can’t tell you how lucky we are she won’t be doing the honors! I doubt a plate of cookies would have been accepted right now! Everything about her is fake. We are so lucky! VP Joe Biden and his first lady know what they are to do and do it so graciously. They will be dressed appropriately, not looking like a hooker and a pimp or wearing a fake pregnancy belly for attention!

    • irishgirl999 says:

      That’s great the Bidens are going to Colorado. I hope the clean up will be speedy there.

      • Mrsgunka says:

        54 bridges are gone and miles and miles of roads around streams are missing, isolating the little mountain towns. It will take months and months to replace and rebuild the infrastructure as water treatment and sewage plants are gone. Winter is weeks away. VP Biden will get to see it and feel it and report it. He won’t minimize what he sees. The timing is bad as the Repugs are willing to shut the country down if they don’t get their way to defund Obamacare. They could care less about the flood victims and all the oil that has spilled. They just voted to cut off Food Stamps to millions. They only care about the checks they get from Koch to spread these lies. They are even starting to talk in word salad to get their way with the idiots that voted them into office. As far as I am concerned, the GOP is committing treason with all these lies. They are doing the same thing to our country that the floods have done to our roads and bridges….total destruction!

    • jk says:

      VP Biden has sincerity.
      Sarah Palin has less than zero of that quality.

  3. Ripley in CT says:

    Ya Know, mayhaps it is high time to resurrect the Babygate saga. All the work Malia Litman has done on the Pimp Daddy himself could be tied in somehow, I bet. I’m sure that Pimp Daddy had access to as many babies as he wished. Mrs. Palin’s irrelevance grows every day she opens her cake hole. The American public is tired of her. Methinks her Teflon coating is chipping off and giving her bad diseases.

  4. …or how about “How to fake a pregnancy poorly?” The minute SP hit the national scene, remember how ArcXIX at the Daily Kos had the truth about the fake pregnancy– back there in late August ’08? Well that tells me that someone in Alaska told someone etc.. Folks knew it was BS from the start. Just because the big media outlets still aren’t covering it does not mean that everyone was fooled. So, yes, I agree with Ripley — why not focus on that issue again, now that SP is no longer a hot property.

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