Sarah Palin – Living Life Privately


Get away from me granny!

Sarah Palin talks a lot of nonsense about pedophiles and perverts oogling her daughters…and then she goes and posts this picture of her teenage daughters on Facebook.

21658_10151783235668588_818010832_nHonestly, what sort of a mother would exploit her daughters for likes on Facebook?

Hey bots…this is what you are paying for.

1011228_10151783234258588_998173603_nStaged marital bliss

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13 Responses to Sarah Palin – Living Life Privately

  1. stillregina says:


    I think the Belmont girls are permanent features, judging by the photos.

  2. Forty Watt says:

    I’m surprised she doesn’t have a pic of some random guy tucking a few $ bills up the leg of her knickers just to refocus the bots on what this display in really all about.

  3. Linda1961 says:

    I like Trig. I’m gonna be nice and not say anything else about the Palins on this post.

  4. Sunnyjane says:

    Actually, I think that’s only Piper, isn’t it? I don’t know who the other girl is, but it’s not Bristol or Willow.

  5. anonymous says:

    That is Willow. She has a tattoo, is it temporary? She looks more like Chuck Heath Sr. in that picture. I hope she is not on the Redbull diet and such. She is short and the pounds show up more if she eats the traditional Palin diet. That is pressure on a young woman whose mother will be posting weird wannabe-Kardashian-like pictures to her cult on-line.

  6. What is the ugly scar on the old hoohah’s arm in the TriG photo? Right under where TriG hand is? So new plastic surgery?
    That is Willow BTW, someone on IM posted a link to Bitchols blog and Willow is there with the hair…Bitchol looks preggo AGAIN! Damn girl keep your legs closed!

  7. Han Solo says:

    Why didn’t they show Willow and Piper’s black boyfriends

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