Sarah Palin – Sewer Rat


Just when I think this heartless old hooah can’t sink any lower – she surprises me and descends into the sewer.  She posted this on FB yesterday:

The government will bend the rules left and right to harass targeted taxpayers, conservative patriots, selected journalists, etc., but it will strictly exercise inconsistent and subjective rules to deny a child a shot at life. And they called us liars when we spoke of “death panels” – faceless bureaucrats coming between you and your doctor to make life and death decisions about a loved one’s survival. It doesn’t sound so far fetched anymore, does it?

– Sarah Palin

She then links to a very sad story about a 10 year old girl in need of a lung transplant. I’m sure most of you have heard about it by now. She completely ignores the fact that if this little girl is sent to the head of the queue…someone else’s little prince or princess will die.

But what angers me, is the fact that she will exploit this awful situation just to get back in the news. She is so fucking stupid that she doesn’t realise that it is the medical profession that has to make these very hard decisions. It is not the government. The government has rightly left it to the medics…WTF is she screaming about? She didn’t want the government involved in healthcare, and now she wants them to intervene. She makes no sense whatsoever. And it is unforgivable that she would use  Sarah Murnaghan in her fame game.

The “what’s in it for me” crowd couldn’t even be bothered to wish Sally and Chuck Heath a speedy recovery after their respective operations. And it doesn’t bother them in the least to exploit a 10 year old child’s illness to make money and score false points. They make me sick.

She is a sewer rat. giant-mutant-sewer-rat

Great news about Susan Rice and Samantha Power!!!!! Suck on that you rat.

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25 Responses to Sarah Palin – Sewer Rat

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Yes, I hate Quitter Palin and am proud of it. She’s a miserable excuse for a human being, and is unworthy of be called an American.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I don’t even think she is human!

      • RJ40 says:

        I agree. Everytime you think this wretched excuse for a human being can’t sink any lower,she does.

      • lindak1961 says:

        She has no soul and no heart. You’re right – she isn’t human.

      • She just proved she is NOT human. She is a nasty vile hateful piece of pond scum that needs to be treated with chemicals and exterminated permanently from all the things she has chosen to pass judgment on, in spite of the fact she has no education, intelligent, standing in this case.
        She is hateful and dirty – her soul is rotten – may she rot in the filth she excretes from that vile mouth.

    • At this point, I am so beyond hating this batsh*t crazy freak of nature who butts into people’s private medical care and makes judgement calls about things she does not understand.
      This is quite simply a supply and demand problem. I would be willing to bet that NONE of the Palins are organ donors (addicts need not apply).
      This isn’t even a medical choice issue. There are fewer child organs available. For this idiot judge to take this young girl and place her ABOVE all the waiting adults is bordering on criminal as far as I am concerned.
      Not only did she vault over ALL of the waiting children, but now she will get a transplant that should ethically belong to an adult.
      We all play by the rules. Doctors don’t make these choices but you cannot always put a child’s organs into an adult and vice versa – that is WHY there are rigid guidelines.
      To pander to squeaky wheel parents is horrid. We ALL wait our turn – right or wrong, happy or said, painful or not. The Government has nothing to do with this decision – but in spite of the outcome, this girl has been given special treatment and will cause others to die because her parents are pushy, loud and feel they are entitled. This is a shame – and it is not fair, ethical or morally right.
      Everyone knows there is an organ shortage … the way to resolve it is for people to become organ donors. Not give in to crying parents.

  2. sally in MI says:

    When I first read her post, I thought: wait, she’s mad at Sebelius because she WON’T make the government intervene in this? She’s mad that the Obama adminsitration won’t take charge and decide who lives and who dies? And now, today, Fox has of course picked up the ball for Sarah and run with it, trying to convince the village idiots that the ACA means the government is in charge of everything and the government is letting this critically and chronically girl die. No matter that the government is NOT runn ng the ACA, the government is NOT deciding who gets an organ transplant. The government, rightly has nothing to do with any of this. And they are still fuming. Where the F*** is their outrage at the GOP deciding raped women must carry a fetus, not get access to a pill that would abort NOTHING, but keep eggs from being fertilized in the first place, and jail a woman for a God-determined miscarriage? How is THAT not death panels, GOP?
    This is just insane.

    • This has been going on for as long as organ transplantation has been a successful surgical specialty and there has never ever been enough organs for all of those who need them.
      Palin is beyond an asshole on this – the ACA has nothing to do with the Organ organization – if there aren’t enough, then people die. It’s not pretty or nice, but it is the truth.
      The judge’s decision creates horrendous issues with the Organ Donor program. The “Government” did not design this criteria – and I’m getting sick and tired off the RWNJ freaks making Medical Decisions for people based upon politics and not based on good medical judgment.
      There of course is an answer – more organ donors. I am so disgusted and angry that a judge was bought off to make this choice and doom an eligible adult to die because the parents made enough noise.
      If we don’t have rules, we might as well give it up people…we ALL live by rules. Otherwise we have no society.

  3. Mrsgunka says:

    You gotta admit she’s good at saying absolutely nothing right about anything. She’s consistent being wrong about everything she does or says, whether it’s a lie or not! She’s an overachiever of stupid!

    • Unfortunately she is terminally stupid … as you say … and she is always screaming about something that is NONE of HER business.
      I would no more want that uneducated cretinous big mouthed idiot making medical decisions than the Man in the Moon. She is perilously close to advocating the murder of a perfectly qualified, matched adult in order to make political points with the parents of a terminally ill child.
      This is immoral – but so she Palin. Beyond immoral – she has just entered criminal.

  4. Mrsgunka says:

    Have to admit, that tight satin blouse almost knocked me off the chair. Hate to meet that in a dark alley! Isn’t she a pip!!!

    • did you notice her fake boobs point side to side? And they are pointy (see 1970). I am so disgusted and sick of this rabid bitch – I just want her gone…forever .. and I hope it is as painful as the death of the adult who will not get the perfectly matched organ he/she was legally entitled to.

    • My mum-in-law, of blessed memory, had some satin pajamas that she thought were particularly elegant and alluring. $arah’s blouse there looks like part of the set, just saying…

    • Forty Watt says:

      ” Isn’t she a pip!!!” I haven’t heard that expression for years usually as a compliment if, as here, a wholly sarcastic one. I now discover how perfect the expression is, because it can be both negative and positive.

      In the 1400s, the chief feeling of irritation or annoyance was a ‘pip.’ The word was derived from the Middle Dutch word pippe which was derived from the Vulgar Latin word pippita which was derived from the Latin word pituita which literally means phlegm.

  5. titlewave says:

    Offended sewer rats all over the world are are uniting in protest of your comparison, Irishgirl.

    I hope when she croaks she will get to meet the person who would have been chosen as the more suitable, more likely to survive, recipient for that lung. She just helped in the decision to take their life. And I hope she has a good explanation ready.

  6. Lisabeth says:

    I have never seen that photo. Do you know how old it is? One boob points to the east, and one to the west.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I don’t know how old it is, found it on the googles and ran with it. It illustrates her stupidity splendidly. How anyone could go out in public with boobs like that is beyond me. She was obviously “packing.”

  7. Fan of MrsG says:

    The Republicans built that fetid, hateful sewer rat. The Republicans own that. 2014, tick tock

    Meanwhile the Democrats are building with visionaries like Samantha Power, Susan Rice AND Jennifer Pahlka – newly hired as Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Government Innovation @ Office of Science and Technology Policy at the White House:

  8. Memphis, NY says:

    I didn’t know what cystic fibrosis was so I went to look it up. it destroys the lungs and other organs and is a genetic disorder. so how many lung transplants will this girl require in her lifetime. Wouldn’t the fact that she has this disease reduce the likely hood of survival and isn’t that part of the criteria for getting a transplant?

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I think so…but the wingnuts are running with it. I hate to say it, but this little girl is incredibly ill, and I don’t know if her little body will be able to deal with this. I can understand the anguish of her parents – but I honestly think that if lungs become available, they should be given to someone who has a good chance of beating the odds.

    • No not necessarily. The judges order only lasts until the June 14 hearing. CF is an acceptable criteria for transplantation.
      The disgust comes from the fact that there are three other children in the hospital with the same diagnosis – just as sick – on the transplant list. Also the adults on the transplant list. This means that thanks to her parents whining, someone else may very well die.

      Our society needs rules – until we have enough transplant organs for everyone, there will need to be fair decisions made.

      All people must be treated equally – I’m not trying to be cruel, but vaulting this girl ahead of all the adults and at least 3 equally sick children for POLITICAL purposes makes no sense at all and will throw the Organ Transplant and Donation system into chaos.

      Many people sign up as Donors – because they know that the system is fair. The concept that one family can get preferential treatment will throw the whole system into disarray. It was be difficult to justify signing up if you know someone can BUY your organs by being politically LOUD about it.

      • Forty Watt says:

        “It was be difficult to justify signing up if you know someone can BUY your organs by being politically LOUD about it.”

        I agree with this.

        It is, however, not an entirely fair system. Wealthier people can and do get better odds than others. This is how it’s done:

        It is unethical to allocate organs to people according to their occupation or their wealth status. In the US, patients must show that they have the finanical capacity to afford the surgery and all associated fees and medications; but large personal net worth is not an allocation criteria.

        In the US there exists a policy called “multiple listing”. This means that patients can be wait-listed for organs at several hospitals at the same time. In theory, this can increase the odds of receiving a donor organ. If the hospitals are separated by large distances, the patient must be able to quickly travel to the hospital by plane when notifed that the organ is available. For this reason, generally, wealthier people have the ability to multiple list because they have the ability to travel at a moment’s notice to any transplant center at which they are listed.

        Also, many insurance companies will only pay for the patient’s evaluation costs associated with one hospital. If a patient desires to be wait-listed at multiple hospitals, the patient might have to pay for each additional evaluation using personal funds. As above, this generally means that wealthier people have the ability to accomplish this.

        But then, that’s healthcare in the USA.

    • Forty Watt says:

      The transplanted lungs will not develop cystic fibrosis, but CF will still be present in other body cells, such as the cells of the pancreas. There is a lot of information here –

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