Jonathan Karl – Liar, Mole Or Hack


Courtesy of Little Green Footballs:

If you’ve been following the story of the Benghazi “talking points” emails, you know that it’s now been confirmed beyond any doubt that Republican sources fed false information to the media, especially to ABC News’s Jonathan Karl. Karl claimed that he had “obtained” these emails, and we now know that this was completely untrue — he was quoting the words of his anonymous source, who lied to him. He did not “obtain” or even see the actual email in question.

The ethical thing to do at this point would be to correct and retract the story, and reveal the name of his dishonest source. But that’s not the path Karl is choosing.



FAIR provides some background on Karl.

Karl came to mainstream journalism via the Collegiate Network, an organization primarily devoted to promoting and supporting right-leaning newspapers on college campuses (Extra!, 9-10/91)—such as the Rutgers paper launched by the infamous James O’Keefe (Political Correction, 1/27/10). The network, founded in 1979, is one of several projects of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, which seeks to strengthen conservative ideology on college campuses. William F. Buckley was the ISI’s first president, and the current board chair is American Spectator publisher Alfred Regnery. Several leading right-wing pundits came out of Collegiate-affiliated papers, including Ann Coulter, Dinesh D’Souza, Michelle Malkin, Rich Lowry and Laura Ingraham (Washington Times, 11/28/04).


Andrew Sullivan takes exception to the sliming of Jon Karl…

The ABC News reporter is a “right-wing mole“? Please. Yes, Jon Karl came into journalism via the Collegiate program to bring more conservatives into the MSM. Personally, I think that’s a good thing. When he and I were at TNR together, I saw nothing in him but good sense, good humor, and ambition. And the alleged sins of Karl are extremely petty – and designed to pile on after his regurgitation of Republican summaries of emails that were, shall we say, slanted a little. But Jon apologized for being a little suckered and has always, so far as I can see, been a fair-minded reporter.


Charles P. Pierce at Esquire is not so forgiving…

Assuming the FAIR report is accurate, then Jonathan Karl was not trained as a journalist, because the Collegiate Network doesn’t produce journalists. It produces partisan warriors. He was not trained as a reporter, because the Collegiate Network doesn’t produce reporters. It produces propagandists. He was not trained as a newsman, because the Collegiate Network doesn’t produce newsmen. It produces hacks.

This is, of course, indelicate for someone in my business to say but, at every level of his steady rise in the business, some executive should have looked at Karl’s resume, seen The Collegiate Network there, and then shitcanned the thing before the interview process even began. Are there conservatives who are good reporters? Absolutely. But all the ones that I know came up the same way I did, and none of them came up through the coddled terrariums of the activist Right. They learned their craft. They were not trained to be spies in the camp of the enemy. They were not trained to be moles. And every damn one of them would have checked those phony e-mails before throwing them out to the public, and most of them wouldn’t have fallen for them, because they are journalists, reporters, and newsmen. They are not partisan warriors, propagandists, or hacks. If Jonathan Karl doesn’t like being called a hack, then he should stop being a hack. Here’s one way to do it.

Blow the source who lied to you and, therefore, lied to us.

Do that. Or be a hack.

There’s no third alternative.


Maybe it’s just me. But I think this in itself is a huge scandal. Karl clearly lied. There can be no doubt about that. He lied to the entire world, not just America. He lied in order to slime PO and The White House, and to further the GOP’s desire to see the president impeached. He didn’t see any emails, and he fucking lied! This is no small thing that he decided to tinker with. This is a big fucking deal.

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8 Responses to Jonathan Karl – Liar, Mole Or Hack

  1. Mrsgunka says:

    The GOP has cried wolf so much, soon no one will even listen to them! They no longer recognize the truth. The majority of people just laugh and say “Oh, you can’t believe a word they say”, and go on about their way. After a while, a boil on the butt, just becomes a pain in the ass and you try to forget about it. They have have pushed the panic button so much, you just ignore them. We made a mistake in 2010 and didn’t bother to et out and vote. I don’t think we will have a repeat of that anytime soon. Bye-bye idiots.

    Right now we are watching one of the worst string of tornadoes to hit Oklahoma City area, going across Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and later into Arkansas. The damage is unreal. Politics will take a back seat as yet another disaster hits. One of the things that our taxes pay for is disaster rescue and rebuilding. With climate change, we are seeing more and more disasters in recent years. We are running out of money but many in this country don’t want to pay taxes, so they can elect the people who want to keep the money for electing the people and not pay the taxes!

    • titlewave says:

      And they want to close FEMA. I’m curious what the residents of OK have to say about that right now.

    • We had a lot of wind yesterday – we ALWAYS have a lot of wind when a big pressure system goes through north of us. Hopefully I am wrong and this won’t bring more bad weather to the midwest but it almost always does…
      Climate change is real. We are windier and a lot hotter. Fortunately we are equipped to handle extreme temps .. but not everyone is.

  2. mary barbour says:

    Agreed! It is a BFD!!!

  3. This guy is a jerk. Always has been and always will be. He just got caught this time. Doubt he will survive.

  4. Forty Watt says:

    Here’s another alternative. 😉

    “Wait, suddenly it all makes sense to me. Jon Karl is part of Barack Obama’s conspiracy to make Republicans look like dolts. First, he uses nonexistent email quotes to convince Republicans that a nonexistent Benghazi scandal is actually the biggest thing ever, only to have the air popped out of that balloon. Now he’s trying to convince Republicans that the IRS scandal was already public knowledge in 2012, which totally explains why neither he nor ABC ever reported on it and why it was so easy for Obama to cover it up.

    Now that I’ve figured out that Jon Karl is actually an Obama stooge, the one thing that’s perfectly clear is that Karl is doing all this to distract attention from the real scandal: President Obama was actually born in Benghazi, and The State Department sent the CIA there to cover the tracks of the ATF agents who had erased evidence of Obama’s real birth certificate.”

    Actually, the article is worth a look. Karl is still at it. It’s dailykos –

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