Sarah Palin Takes Umbrage At Umbrella Picture – Update

The old hooah is drunk tweeting again…

umbrellaWhen I saw that I wondered what on earth she was talking about. Could it be this…


No, apparently she was referring to this…


This coming from the *woman* who can’t even carry her own handbag!

Todd  serving his mistress

This coming from the woman who can’t even shower and comb her hair!


This coming from the woman who can’t even walk unaided!

This coming from a woman who can’t even hold her own umbrella!



Oh snap. πŸ™‚


Update: Courtesy of Daily Kos:

Daily Kos

This is what President Obama has to deal with. I hope this goes viral. Please spread it far and wide.

248373_667559669937776_361921824_n[H/T to Sleuth]

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43 Responses to Sarah Palin Takes Umbrage At Umbrella Picture – Update

  1. stillregina says:

    You found the perfect photos! πŸ˜‰

  2. love that she lives rent-free in your pea sized brain.

    • Mrsgunka says:

      You just made IG’s day! Bless your little pea brain! Did you get a pass to the day-room today? πŸ™‚

    • Lorna Doone says:

      Kristen, you need braces. And tone down the blonde a bit. It makes you look really dumb. Your Facebook page is really weird too, speaking of pea-sized brains. How sad it is that you follow Sarah Palin, the dumbest person ever, to the point that you go to blogs to insult people who don’t like her. What a fulfilled, happy Christian you are, you hypocrical fecker.

      • irishgirl999 says:

        Ha, the silly old bat probably didn’t realize we could click on her page. πŸ™‚

      • Kristen is stupid. Just being a follower of Palin is a true indicator of her IQ – also her hair is WAY over bleached … pretty soon she’ll be wearing roadkill on top of her head to cover all the bald spots from the overcooking from the product.
        What a moron.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Now, now Kristen…one look at your Facebook page indicates to me that she is living rent-free in that cavernous skull of yours. You are the one who has joined CAPTAINS OF RESTORING AMERICA TOGETHER: SARAH PALIN CHAPTER and Team Sarah. I only take the piss out of the old hooah because she is a dirty, unethical hypocrite. πŸ˜‰

    • KatieAnnieOakley says:

      Love that you feel the need to rush to a mama grizzly’s defense. What a sap that makes YOU.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Come back and play Kristen! We miss you already.

      • She is wandering around posting the exact same thing on other blogs. Evidently this was the talking TrollPoint for today and she’s trying to collect that quarter she gets paid.

    • jk says:

      The worst part is that you worship Sarah Palin publicly, under your own name.

      I suppose you pay her with donations to SarahPac to live in your brain, huh?

    • juminten says:

      Kristen Peterson, don’t smile! your teeth are big like gorilla!

    • 01canadianobserver says:

      We notice, Kristen, that you have no comment on the pictures posted that show how much of a hypocrite the person you worship actually is. Is the truth too much for you to handle? The ex-governor has a history of making an ass out of herself, time after time, and, yet, you are willing to look like a gullible fool, supporting her ignorance and rushing to her defense. What a sad reflection on you.

  3. Little Kristen is babbling over at FreakOutNation and her hair is still a fried mess. They hate her there too.

  4. Beanie says:

    I ‘read ’em all’ is nothing but hypocrisy clamoring to be relevant. The pictures perfectly illustrate that. I especially like the photo of de-masculinized Toad sporting her handbag.

  5. Keep ignoring what really matters to discuss things that don’t. You’re only hindering future progress in your country by treating the political parties differently.

  6. Shelly says:

    How arrogant is she? Her Facebook rant addressed to the President as if he reads her bullshit. She needs to up her dosage because she is 8 gallons of crazy in a 5 gallon bucket. She looks gross and spews hate.

  7. Hey IG – Joseph Farrell .. really? Isn’t that a fun tidbit.

  8. AD says:

    Palin these days look like a hooker, way she dresses, hair and shoes . Todd must be happy now.

  9. Lisabeth says:

    Who is Joseph Farrell?

  10. MemphisNY says:

    The Pink coat picture is one of my favorites. It really needs a caption contest. “All Wee Wee’d up and ready to spew some bat shit crazy hate”

  11. MemphisNY says:

    ok I figured out why that photo tickles my funny bone

  12. Fan of MrsG says:

    Game. Set. Match. Irishgirl! πŸ™‚

  13. sleuth says:

    In the last picture I love how Bill Clinton is laffing out loud holding his OWN umbrella. Guess we know who is the “real American” there, eh sarah?

  14. This came from the biggest nitwit and looney the Repubs have and with Michele Bachmann in the mix its saying something!

  15. Larry Walton says:

    In measuring intelligence Sarah is in the category that not only is stupid she has the ability to actually suck the intelligence from around her like and antimatter in physics. Anti Intelligence is what it is. The troubling thing however is that she is at the top end, intelligence wise of the conservatives as they have digressed from cognizant life forms.

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