Photo Of The Decade



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31 Responses to Photo Of The Decade

  1. grannyj1 says:

    Now that is funny! And so are those gawdawful pink socks!

  2. Forty Wattt says:

    That’s great! I must admit I kind of like the socks. I mean if you can’t wear whatever you damn well like when you get to that age when can you? And it is his son’s celebration. What’s the boy going to say? 😉

  3. irishgirl999 says:

    I’m visiting my family this weekend, so won’t be blogging unless I manage to tear my mum’s laptop away from her. 🙂

    Btw…I do think there may have been a little photoshopping going on there…but what the hell!

  4. titlewave says:

    Hey, the socks match the tie- isn’t that the rule? Or was it handbag?
    Also, do you suppose they lined up according to tie color? 🙂

    • Forty Wattt says:

      Never match your shoes to your handbag – it’s passé. Matching your socks to your handbag, on the other hand, may be the next new thing. 😉

      Should we ever see a pink handbag with blue polka dots we should alert Babs. It would make a nice Christmas present for George. Actually, I might knit him one. 😉

      • Tiphani Asil says:

        I LOVE the idea of a matchy bag, Forty Wattt! (ADORE all the t’s- trois trendy!!) Although I’m not a huge fan of Poppy, nor his son Poopy- as I like to refer to him, 🙂 I do approve of the little statement he attempts to make with those quaint stockings! Now I haven’t quite interpreted what that statement is yet, but it’s… or ….. well, hmmm…..

        Anyone here read lips?

  5. curiouser says:

    Love it! But not the sign behind them which makes my stomach churn.
    How bout we change ‘Faithful to our cause’ to ‘Fec toi, U lush oaf rat, U!’
    Something. Anything.

  6. sally in MI says:

    I couldn’t watch Bush at all on TV this week, and he was everywhere with smiling Laura by his lying side. Clinton at least got close to the truth…talk about rewriting history! We finally found something Bush is good at besides trashing the US. At least this museum is at SMU and not smack dab in the middle of Dallas. I’ll never have to lay eyes on it. The man turns my stomach. He still thinks he was not only competent, but GOOD.

    • Soulgirl86 says:

      Wow. You just accused W of trashing the US when the current President has literally trashed 80% of the people in this country by telling them they don’t deserve credit for the success of their OWN businesses. That was the connotation. He abhors successful people as his classmates say. You disgust me.

      • Fan of MrsG says:

        say wa, Soulgirl86? “80% of the people in this country (USA) – OWN businesses”
        fo rill?
        cite source

      • Gindy51 says:

        You are at it again with the revisionist history President Obama said that people did not build the roads and other infrastructure that leads to their businesses and you KNOW it. Now go back to the corner and put a quarter on your head until you come to your senses.

      • I know .. you just fecking flip numbers out there because you are one of Sarah’s lazyass crazyass followers?
        You who spends all of her sitting on her ass in the basement, hiding from your family, and stalking the Palins….is that YOUR small business? Stalking?

    • I seriously doubt that it will take very long for him to read the two comic books in his Libary as he calls it. The man is an idiot.

  7. Forty Wattt says:

    Fan of MrsG – I think Soulgirl86 is confused. When people keep telling her to mind her own business, she presumes that means they have their own businesses. It appears that 80% of the people she meets are provoked to tell her to butt out in these terms which, when you think about it, is relatively polite of them under the circumstances. 😉

    • It’s Krusty Pustule … she escaped from her basement that her family locked her up in…and she’s been trolling Malia’s blog.
      She’s even MORE insane than usual.
      Since Palin hates her, she may have turned her loveStalking to the Bush Brothers?

    • Fan of MrsG says:

      Unctuously confused, 40W, Sourpuss86 must interpret “butt out” as permission to pull statistics out of her butt. lotta that going on in the GOP, those naughty boys and girls.

  8. Mrsgunka says:

    I’d like that picture for our Christmas card this year…one happy fam-damily! Every family picture we have, someone has their fingers behind “someone”. I’ve got to get me some pink socks but I don’t have a pink purse….yet! 🙂

    Hey Soulgirl86, if you were this nasty to your customers, maybe you shouldn’t blame President Obama for loosing your business. You might do some soul searching to really know where to put the blame.

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