Sarah Palin Tries To Refudiate “Strategery” Comment And Gets It Bass-Ackward

From USAToday:

Sarah Palin reacted angrily to a comment made by Michael Waltrip during Sunday’s NASCAR broadcast on Fox, but her outrage is likely a case of friendly fire.

As first documented by, two-time Daytona 500 winner Waltrip used the term “master strategery” instead of “strategist” while trying to describe Brad Keselowski’s crew chief Paul Wolfe. Realizing the error, Waltrip then incorrectly associated the term with the former Alaska governor and said it was “Palin strategery.”

Palin didn’t appear to like this because she tweeted the following…


Telling someone they are shooting off their mouth doesn’t sound very friendly to me.¬† Anyhow, Waltrip responded with this tweet and picture.



Which goes to show that he must be an idiot too. However, he was right about the fact that she had used the word. Listen around the 50 second mark. Yup, she is talking about strategery…what a gobshite.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that Waltrip was right, the inmates from the sea o’ pee and Brietbart have descended in droves on Waltrip’s FB page and are demanding an apology.



Now, this could get interesting. Will the old hooah ask the inmates to refrain from posting nasty messages on Waltrip’s FB page? A true friend would do that!

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14 Responses to Sarah Palin Tries To Refudiate “Strategery” Comment And Gets It Bass-Ackward

  1. irishgirl999 says:

    White smoke at the Vatican!

  2. Lisabeth says:

    Her fans are fruitcakes, ! Or is it fecking fruitcakes? How do they justify her hooker bondage shoes and will she show up to CPAC? Why isn’t Sarah protesting the CPAC dress rules?

    I hope this pope doesn’t have “secrets” like the last one.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Her fans are dangerous fecking fruitcakes! Sarah would never have the guts to challenge CPAC. She is a coward and gets her fans to do the dirty work for her.

      And yes, I hope this pope is better than the last one.

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  4. ace says:

    An this has what to do with the Steubenville rape case?
    Thought I had ADD

  5. ace says:

    Surely there are a million other blog sites are devoted soley to the ridiculing of Sarah Palin.
    But u just have to throw it out there any where, when few even care anymore.
    When you finally question the loon crismatthews, and quit covering for his idiocy, then perhaps I shall take you seriously

  6. irishgirl999 says:

    Hate auto correct. I meant to tell Kristy to check off.

  7. MrsGunka says:

    Had some appointment and missed this. Sarah has zero comprehension about anything. Once she says something it’s like the wind blowing thru an outhouse…in and out and gone! She is one of the most self-absorbed unaware person I have ever seen. I think she’s mad she doesn’t have control over her awareness about what is going on. It’s like an engine that has a bad spark plug. It keeps trying to start but just sputters and won’t connect. Lights, cameras and applause keep her going when all is failing around here but she doesn’t understand what she says or how she appears to them. She just sees adoration. She hears the applause but not the words coming out of her mouth. If she smiles and waves no one will know she has no idea how she looks or what she says. The more outrageous her clothes and discombobulated her words, the more she seeks attention. To her, life is a beauty pageant and all she has to do is smile…no one will see her anger of always losing. In reality, Trig probably has more intelligence and feeling than she does. Hate is ruling her life. The “haters” are the adrenalin that keeps her going. Kristy has a lot of the same feelings. No matter what we say to her, she an Sarah and Bristol will win the crown and sash and we will be sorry for rebuking them! The puppeteers just kept rewarding her for her short comings and she thought she was going to win. She and the other clowns will be rewarded this weekend speaking at CPAC. Kristy and the other bots will rejoice the Queen will be leading us all and she was right. Losers attract losers. “Bullies Unanonymous”! Sigh.

    • SVT says:

      You are a pretentious asshole. It’s obvious from the clip that Ms. Palin used the word “strategery” sarcastically.

      Must be tough to see a talented, intelligent woman succeed while you share a house with 27 smelly cats.

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