Republicans And Their Lies…

The Republicans still can’t believe that they lost the election. They are in shock. The world as they know it, has ended. The histrionics are something else. They are looking everywhere for someone or something to blame.

Do you remember Robert Stacy McCain…that toe-rag who threatened to out Audrey at Palin’s Deceptions when she began to doubt that Bristol Palin was actually pregnant at the RNC in 2008. ( I happen to think Audrey hit the nail on head, and that is why McCain went after her with a vengeance).

Nothing says pregnant belly like filling your hoody pockets with paper towels and gawd knows what. I mean honestly… who did she think she was kidding? I don’t know of anyone who stuffs their rubbish into their clothes in this way. But they are the Palins!

Nor do I know of anyone who looks like this when they are supposedly 5 months pregnant…

And then they look like this when they are over 8 months pregnant…

Anyway, I digress…

Well, the poor sod, (Robert Stacy McCain) is having a hard time getting to grips with reality. I’m not linking to his site because he is a racist and a wanker. This is what he had to say…

The list of fools who have brought this disaster upon us certainly also will include New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the gelatinous clown who (a) hogged up a prime time spot at the Republican convention to sing his own praises; (b) embraced Obama as the hero of Hurricane Sandy; and (c) then refused to appear at campaign events in support of Romney’s presidential campaign. Good luck with the remainder of your political future, governor. It is unlikely Republicans shall soon forget your perfidious betrayal.

I like how the toe-rag mentions the Sandy victims! Not an ounce of empathy for any one of them.

Isn’t he luverly?

How, oh how did this disaster befall the Republicans?

Conservatives were at a disadvantage because their information elites pandered in the most cynical, self-defeating ways, treating would-be candidates like Sarah Palin and Herman Cain as if they were plausible presidents rather than national jokes who’d lose worse than George McGovern.

How many months were wasted on them?

How many hours of Glenn Beck conspiracy theories did Fox News broadcast to its viewers? How many hours of transparently mindless Sean Hannity content is still broadcast daily? Why don’t Americans trust Republicans on foreign policy as they once did? In part because conservatism hasn’t grappled with the foreign-policy failures of George W. Bush. A conspiracy of silence surrounds the subject. Romney could neither run on the man’s record nor repudiate it. The most damaging Romney gaffe of the campaign, where he talked about how the 47 percent of Americans who pay no income taxes are a lost cause for Republicans? Either he was unaware that many of those people are Republican voters, or was pandering to GOP donors who are misinformed. Either way, bad information within the conservative movement was to blame.

Bad information is most definitely at the root of their problems. Plus, they are fecking liars.

And they expected the world to swallow this bullsh*t.

And now they wonder why no one trusts them! Hey GOP…the whole world is onto you and rejoicing that you didn’t win.

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10 Responses to Republicans And Their Lies…

  1. MrsGunka says:

    Thanks Irishgirl! We’ve all seen this many times and the truth is in the viewing, but they will always deny it. We just have to keep showing it to them until they finally wake up.What’s done is done, but we can’t keep letting them get away with the lies. Sarah Palin introduced us to the lie and a wink. No one would stop her. McCain was afraid she would turn on him. Some hero, eh? It’s been all downhill since then.

    Today Loughner was sentence to life in prison. Yes Sarah, you planted that seed in that boys feeble mind with your crosshairs over Gabby’s face. In your feeble mind you thought you were the victim.

    How many times does God have to slam the door in your face for you to realize he does not like you? Sane Americans don’t like you or you family. Go home and get your face out of our faces. You and your crazy talk is not going to change our minds. You have been used by the GOP and FOX news….you have been a puppet and your shelf life is over. Leave us alone. You were defeated…over and over….are you so stupid you can’t figure it out? Even Romney and all his money couldn’t win because you and him only think about yourself. Our President thinks about 100% and he is the winner. Not you and not Romney and Ann who think it’s your turn. It will never be your turn. Both of you can take your families and go crawl under a rock forever. You won’t be missed! If you come crawling out we can always pull out these pictures to remind us why you are the defeated one! LIES!

  2. deadtreereader says:

    The usual band of right wing crazies is out in full force on the comments after articles on arkansasonline, the web site of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. They apparently learned nothing and are going to keep this up for the next four years. Too bad you have to be a subscriber to read whole stories and comment. I’d love them to be shocked by a dressing down from Ireland.

    They are in shock because a few left wing polls kept telling them it would be Romney by a landslide. They thought the more mainstream polls were wrong. They thought the incredible Nate Silver was a joke. The joke’s on them.

    But, hey, at least we were spared having that vulture capitalist and pathological liar for president.

  3. lilylake says:

    My father was born in Arkansas, and I’ve lived in La. and Texas; also Colorado. It’s funny how not much has changed – I was yelled at and told to “take off my Kennedy hat” at LSU lab school in Jr. High. I was made to feel WRONG, ashamed.

    Now I’m still afraid to wear a bumper sticker, a button, or put up a yard sign. I’m so proud tho that I and many of my women friends voted for Pres. Obama. Many neighborhoods in my city had SOLID yard signs for Obama. It’s refreshing, but other parts of town were very “romney/ryan”.

    I guess we’ve made progress in so many ways, but in some ways I go, “sigh, nothing has changed”. I feel very vindicated, though, that I “knew” all along that Sarah was an idiot and Romney was a fake, and so many of my friends/family can’t figure that out. My “radar” is correct!!!

  4. chelley says:

    Yeah, lilylake, I think my radar is correct too. I thought the same exact thing when I first knew who Scarah and MItty were. Other, I did have a friend like Palin, she was oh so nice and helpful in public, but as soon as turned or at home it was another monster altogether. I was a friend until one day I thought I am better. I released the friend. My life is better too.

  5. jk says:

    Epic post!

  6. Spike says:

    Toe rag! Hehehehe!

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