Sarah Palin’s Mask Slips On Fox Noise

Earlier today, I posted a pic of Sarah Palin talking and gloating on the Neil Cavuto show. I didn’t listen to the old whore as she makes my ears bleed. As I said, I lasted about 10 seconds before I switched her off. It was either that or ruin my computer. No contest.

But my good friend Sleuth, alerted me to the fact that there was more to be seen. So, I sat down and watched again. Sleuth let me know the good stuff was around the 2.30 mark, so I wouldn’t have to waste valuable minutes of my life listening to Palin’s tripe.

She looks her usual vomitous self, I thought. Maybe she has had something done to those narrow, nasty lips – they look a bit plumped up. And is that a touch of Herpes I see? Eye work, check.  This is boring I thought, I had the sound turned down.

Jesus H. Christ!!! The dog ran howling from the room and I nearly puked all over my computer again as this vision greeted me.

Cavuto seems unconcerned as Palin’s inner self lets loose before all of the dullards that watch Fox Noise. That famous tongue lick looks real sexy I think to myself. Her lower teeth have taken on a life of their own. Can I bear to watch this.

Yes, I can.  🙂

Demented fecking eyes rolling around in that empty shell of a skull. Hitler moustache…that’s what it is if you look closely. Enlarge it!! 😉

Holy shit. Now she has trout lips and zig zag eyebrows. God bless America – the flag pin is undamaged! I am waiting with bated breath for the Belmont girls to metamorph or whatever. That really would be interesting. No such luck.

All of a sudden she morphs back into her *normal* look.

Word of advice Sarah, pink is not your colour.

Well, that was a wild trip. 🙂

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16 Responses to Sarah Palin’s Mask Slips On Fox Noise

  1. Nemesis says:

    This should come with a warning – Do Not View Before Bedtime. Oy 😦

  2. BlueberryT says:

    OMG, that is truly bizarre and scary. Time to call the exorcist. It looks like she is possessed by demons. Maybe the Dementors have gotten her.

  3. NJfan says:

    She looks like a zombie…scary and gruesome.

  4. Mel says:

    Love the commentary. What a freak!

  5. Methinks says:

    Methinks someone in the control room is playing with the palin.

    • jcinco says:

      That’s my first thought since only her surgically enhanced mug is affected…haha, boy is someone going to get it when she gets wind of this..

  6. dr.whatever says:

    Perhaps she is having a wee bitty seizure.

  7. Pokey Voodoo Spell says:

    Is Pastor Muthee available to make house calls?

  8. lilylake says:

    Willow must be embarrassed that her mom can’t fix her own hair (wig). That just doesn’t look right. Bristol just said “my mom is hotter than Jullianne Moore”. I’ve never seen a more shallow, delusional co-dependent family. What process has changed a woman who was quite attractive with a lovely smile, to a face full of nothing but raw hatred and meanness.

    Can it be “guilt” about something? (s)

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  10. shelley says:

    Where is Julia Sugarbaker when you need her! Stfup sp.! OMG you finally caught the real look of sp.

  11. shelley says:

    Maybe C is just watching cartoons or a movie and just makes a face like he is even listening or paying attention to the nut.

  12. How funny – look it’s the REAL Sarah Palin! The evil nasty ugly is just coming to a giant head…like a rancid boil.

  13. guest says:

    Actually the “normal” version isn’t a whole lot better.

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