Can Romney Recover? Update

Courtesy of Daily Kos:

With reference to Terry Jones, the Romney campaign released this statement.

– If pressed: Governor Romney repudiated this individual in 2010 when he attempted to mobilize a Quran-burning movement. He is firmly against any expression of religious hatred or intolerance.

Jed Lewison at Daily Kos points out…

So … Mitt Romney is “firmly against any expression of religious hatred or intolerance”? How is that in any way different than the embassy statement that he criticized? It’s not—at all.

Well, it is different in one way: Romney’s statement blamed Florida pastor Terry Jones for creating the movie that has been used to incite some of the turmoil. But while Jones has helped promote the movie, he didn’t create it. Without defending Jones, Romney’s statement is yet another example of him shooting before he aims.

Bottom-line: Mitt Romney’s smirking disaster was catastrophic for three big reasons:

1. His attack was not grounded in reality. His botched rendering of the timeline of events guaranteed that the attack could not possibly pass any minimum threshold of scrutiny.

2. The eagerness with which he went on the attack betrayed a political desperation and a cynical opportunism that made him look unfit for the presidency.

3. At the end of the day, Romney wasn’t just attacking a straw man—he was attacking a straw man with whom his campaign says he agrees.

With all this, it’s completely fair to wonder whether there’s any way for his campaign to recover.

We shall have to see.


Sean Smith aka Vile Rat

Courtesy of Andrew Sullivan:

Sean Smith, one of the Americans murdered in Benghazi was a huge force in the online multiplayer game EVE Online. He was on Jabber when the attack happened. His last words there, one reader tells us, were “FUCK”, “GUNFIRE”. This is an obituary from his “alliance leader”. A reader writes:

…(11:08:36 PM) My people, we have been dealt a grevious blow tonight, as people and as players. I, and all of us who knew Sean, are still reeling. And yet, to my horror, already Vile Rat’s death has become a machination in Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. I do not speak of politics often because American politics do not matter in an international game of internet spaceships. But this sickens me, and Vile Rat would not have wanted to become a tool for the Romney campaign. Just this morning, he said this in Illum regarding the RNC:

(12:41:07 PM) kismeteer: vile_rat: Was there anyone in that group that you even partially respected?
(12:41:14 PM) vile_rat: on the republican side?
(12:41:17 PM) kismeteer: yeah
(12:41:20 PM) vile_rat: nope. not a one.


I think Romney has really shown his character over the last few days. This will not be forgotten.

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4 Responses to Can Romney Recover? Update

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Romney has no character. I’m feeling that he won’t win the election, but I’m praying harder for Obama to win than I have ever prayed for anything before. I don’t have much money to spare, but will be donating to Obama’s campaign.

  2. MrsGunka says:

    I’m lost for words! Absolute insanity. I’ve read so much today that my brain feels like mush. It’s like the Republicans are trying to be worse than Al Qaeda. They say they are Christians but they are acting like jihadists. The word diplomacy doesn’t even register with them. It’s all about war and money. Think of the families that have sacrificed their children so these idiots can get rich. We can’t afford to live in a perpetual state of war! They have to make some sacrifices that will make us strong again….like paying their fair share and sacrificing some of their kids for their causes. To start with there a bunch of Romney boys that look very fit to put on a uniform and take a vacation to the mid east to protect their fathers money. Perhaps Rafalca could be drafted to protect us also. That horse seems to be as prized as any of the kids. Double tape his ankles and send him to war! Perhaps they all could do centry duty at one of our Embassies over there for starters? Cushy job, eh?

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