Sarah Palin Tells Romney To Get Personal – Updated Wth FB Diatribe and Romney Smirk

Wow, the GOP must be getting worried. Bill O’Reilly brought in the *Queen of free stuff* to give credence to his suggestion that Romney and his pack of thieves mount a personal attack against President Obama. Billo can’t stand Palin so things must be desperate.

Palin tried to ingratiate herself to Bill using the old lip-licking routine. She had discarded the Star of David for a cross. However, she was wearing an Israeli flag pin. This daft old bat doesn’t even know what country she lives in or what her religion is. The S.E. Cupp glasses were nowhere to be seen and the wig was perched high on her scrambled brain.

She blamed the filter of the media for not allowing the GOP to get their message across. Bill had a hard time trying to say anything as she kept talking over him.

From Mediaite:

What Republicans are failing to do, she added, is explain that voters have a choice: “Free stuff or freedom. You cannot have both.” To that point, O’Reilly pondered whether it’s possible the country’s changed. With growing dependency on government programs, he said, perhaps voters will say they want the free stuff. That they’re willing to sacrifice freedom. “It’s possible that we are so far down that road, yes,” Palin replied.

Then speaking more specifically about campaign strategy, O’Reilly questioned whether Romney should go after President Barack Obama “in a more personal way.” Whether he should use “buzz words” like “incompetent,” “dangerous” and “socialist.” Palin argued those aren’t buzz words — they’re the truth. And yes, he should: “He needs to be severely aggressive in his articulation.”

And we all know what that means.

“This is not a man who sees America as you see it and how I see America. We see America as the greatest force for good in this world. If we can be that beacon of light and hope for others who seek freedom and democracy and can live in a country that would allow intolerance in the equal rights that again our military men and women fight for and die for for all of us. Our opponent though, is someone who sees America it seems as being so imperfect that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country?”

Well Palin, you racist, old tart – seeing as Romney told you to stay away from his convention, I really don’t think he’ll be taking your advice anytime soon. And if he does, just watch the swing voters running in the opposite direction.


Ok, this vulgar, trashy excuse of a woman has officially lost it. This diatribe is from her Facebook page. I know it was posted 11 hours ago, but I have only just seen it.

It’s about time our president stood up for America and condemned these Islamic extremists. I realize there must be a lot on his mind these days – what with our economy’s abysmal jobless numbers and Moody’s new warning about yet another downgrade to our nation’s credit rating due to the current administration’s failure to come up with a credible deficit reduction plan. And, of course, he has a busy schedule – with all those rounds of golf, softball interviews with the “Pimp with the Limp,” and fundraising dinners with his corporate cronies. But our nation’s security should be of utmost importance to our Commander-in-chief. America can’t afford any more “leading from behind” in such a dangerous world. We already know that President Obama likes to “speak softly” to our enemies. If he doesn’t have a “big stick” to carry, maybe it’s time for him to grow one.

– Sarah Palin

Oh Sarah, you inconsequential little flea. Feeling a bit ignored are we? Time to get down in the gutter and talk about pimps and growing sticks. That should get you a bit of attention alright.

What kind of a disgusting, perverted brain comes up with that sort of filth? Gawd help her daughters. I know it’s already too late for them, but what sort of a chance did they ever really have? With a mother that vomits forth these depraved sexual innuendos, they must be as Palin says – “In a whole world of hurt.”

And who on earth is she referring to as “The Pimp with the Limp?”

Update 2:

And yes, he is smirking. I have no words.

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12 Responses to Sarah Palin Tells Romney To Get Personal – Updated Wth FB Diatribe and Romney Smirk

  1. RJ 40 says:

    Where are the Belmont girls????

  2. RJ 40 says:

    She is StILL doing the palling around with terrorists FOUR years later????There are no words to describe how much I detest this poor excuse for a woman.

  3. titlewave says:

    Just to show how little homework she (or any of them, all of them) does, the ‘Pimp with the Limp interview was pre-taped-

    “He “avoided talking about 9/11 on 9/11′s anniversary, but made time to mock the Dolphins bad record,” noted the Miami Herald.

    Some Republicans circulated a link to the Herald article to claim that Obama was being disrespectful of the anniversary with the lighthearted banter and inappropriately injected politics into what has traditionally been an apolitical day.

    It turns out, however, that President Obama was not speaking live. The interview had been pre-taped and was supposed to air on Monday, an Obama campaign official told ABC News.”

    “Grow a big stick”? Either she’s messed up her salad sound bites or she’s again sexualizing her attacks on the President.
    That’s just too darn cute, can’t you just imagine her as leader of the free world? 🙂

    • It probably isn’t a good idea for Sarah to be talking about “pimps” when she is married to one.
      Also, the idea that Mitt Romney has mixed up two totally separate incidents AND two different countries is scary! Oh by the way, he still wants us to be tough with Russia.
      Romney is a coward. He is saber rattling. He has no idea what he is talking about. Who is advising this doof?
      Are the bugs still in Sarah’s filthy wig?

  4. MrsGunka says:

    Just read the “Pimp the Limp” link and the comments are sick! Wonder if the gal explaining what a PIMP is even realizes that Toad Palin IS a pimp? What is the matter with these people who say they are so Christian and spew hate with every word. Just saw Romney’s approval rating dropped again after his response about the Embassy. What about diplomacy don’t they understand? All they can think about is war! How stupid can one be to wear a cross and the Israeli flag side by side?

    It’s time to take away tax-exempt status to these church’s that are spewing this Ring Wing hatred. The Mormons would lose a lot of members if they couldn’t deduct their mandated tithing! Poor Ann is going to throw a hissy-fit if she can’t deduct those expensive horses for medical expenses that has all but cured her of MS. 🙂 Mit wants to cut all those darn loop-holes and Obamacare.

    Does anyone know what happens if the candidates for President and Vice President are under indictment before the election or if they just drop out if their money is cut off? The GOP is not very happy with these two. Treason?

  5. fan of Mrs.G says:

    “What kind of a disgusting, perverted brain comes up with that sort of filth?” Palin makes 3 sexual references in 3 sentences; political attention isn’t the only variety Sarah begs. vulgar trash heap.

    As for Romney, 4 people perished violently in service to their country today and he led with the scavenger instincts of his vulture core. He has sealed his fate.

    President Obama shares the sorrow of the families and friends of our deceased countrymen and he simultaneously stands ready to defend our nation. My thoughts are with him and them today.

    • Someone who is married to a pimp – a woman who snorts cocaine on a barrel – a woman who has no clue where Libya is – or Egypt … who openly states that Africa is a country.
      She’s a dipsh*t. And Romney is taking a lot of heat over his comments. I hope this finishes him. He is irresponsible and dangerous.

      • CC ... says:

        Sadly, after first expressing disbelief and accurately calling Mitt-the-Twit out on this egregious politicking they are starting to line up behind him. I knew it. If this and the war-mongering head of the Knesset, Danny Danon, calling for all out war against Iran ( by the US & Israel) this morning on Morning Joe doesn’t scare Americans enough to NOT vote for puppet Mitt Romney, I don’t know what will. Scary and dangerous. Joe Klein was magnificent in explaining how Bibi is actively trying to influence an American election and I highly recommend seeing his spot on MJ. I hope we listen.

  6. Jillaine says:

    I am all for sending Chief Quitting Bull on a flight to Libya right now TODAY to replace our murdered ambassador J.Christopher Stevens whose name Sarah didn’t even mention when screeching about Obama growing his “big stick” that she’ll never get close to. The Libyans will love her I’m sure.

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