Which Conservative Mama Is Deceiving Her Fans?

This picture has appeared at BlindGossip.com.

…with the following explanation:

[National Enquirer] This prominent lady politico is frantic to keep news of her recent tummy tuck and liposuction procedures out of the media. The conservative mom wants her fans to believe she’s all natural and stays trim by exercising daily! Can you name her?

Now I have no idea who this is, but the overwhelming consensus at BlindGossip.com is that it is the former VP wannabe.

And whether it is Palin or not, I find it amusing that people would so readily believe that she would deceive her fans.

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12 Responses to Which Conservative Mama Is Deceiving Her Fans?

  1. Older_Wiser says:

    Oh gawd, my eyes!

  2. NJfan says:

    Looking at those thighs it’s no surprise people think it’s Sarah.

  3. MrsGunka says:

    I sat my drink down before I scrolled very far!!! Funny, I don’t see any stretch marks. Do you?

  4. Owlwolf says:

    Do they ever name the person or do they just keep you guessing at Blind Gossip? The comments are hilarious.

  5. The words “cottage cheese thighs” blasted across my optic nerve. I’m sure Sarah loves her THAT picture!

  6. Tom says:

    oooooooooooops–Sarah Palin has a lot to hide.

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