Flotus Vs Clotus – Updated

Sarah Palin has been very quiet since the weekend. As we all know, the POTUS admitted to the world that he found pitbulls delicious. Hockey moms not so much… 🙂

I’m sure CLOTUS (clown lady of the United States) will rear up her head one of these days in some airspace and let loose with  her usual gutter talk, but in the meantime  I thought it might do us all good to compare and contrast the FLOTUS with the CLOTUS.

Pure class versus the stuffed bra! (Click to enlarge)

Pure class versus the tongue! (Click to enlarge)

Pure class versus the pointy finger! (Click to enlarge)

Pure class and  love  versus “shut up and pretend you love being this close.”

Sometimes a picture can speak  a thousand words.

H/T to Regina for pointing me towards some photos! 😉

UPDATE:  I found this over at Something Awful and I just couldn’t resist posting it.

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19 Responses to Flotus Vs Clotus – Updated

  1. MrsGunka says:

    Black and white!!!!!! No, not their color……class/no class!! WOW. Seeing is believing. Thanks Regina for your ability to find the perfect pictures to make the biggest POW for the buck! We are so lucky the election turned out the way it did. My head hurts just thinking what we would have to endure if that election could have been rigged to have that disaster close to the oval office.

    This is truly amazing to see the contrast, side-by-side. Add those beautiful, classy daughters! Just add the Palin kids to the other one and we can all be so proud we made the right choice! Now what are we all going to do in November? Right….vote!

    We need big billboards all over America with the last picture combo with simply the words “Thanks” on it!

    • stillregina says:

      I still can’t resist a good tongue photo…

      As I don’t write about the CLOTUS anymore, I have to find a good spot for them.

      Thanks to Irishgirl for putting the pics to good use!

      • MrsGunka says:

        So thankful Irishgirl is here to capture your treasures! Partners in crime! 🙂

  2. MrsGunka says:

    Love the update! Watch the eyes! 🙂 It looks just like the Bar-b-q pit they made!

  3. chel says:

    That last one is SCARY!!!!

    Flotus = class.

  4. fan of Mrs.G says:

    OMG, Irish, that update is exactly how she has ALWAYS appeared to me. Scary clown lady, run away, run away…
    I need a hug.

  5. bojoflo says:

    WOW!! FLOTUS vs CLOTUS — there is just NO comparison. Our First Lady has a wonderful, beautiful family, is personally beautiful – inside and out, and more that 125% classy, etc., etc. — and the other one? – – – not so much!! Just can not even go there — Bad on my eyes, my high blood pressure, etc., and, also makes me sick to my stomach on so many different levels. :p

    I did enjoy your update — and she does look a lot like the fun bar-b-q pit. LOL Love that. 😀

  6. Forty Watt says:

    Holy horror! That last *thing* is terrifying.
    Lovely images of our amazing FLOTUS. Cheers Regina. 🙂
    The other one, I have to peer through my fingers. 😦

  7. Forty Watt says:

    Oh, I meant to say also too – I still think that the way she looked at the Christian ladies whatever was indicative of disintegration. We were looking at the best her handlers could do to clean her up a bit and shove her out in public. My sense is she is quiet right now because she’s curled up in a wadded ball of her own sweat and tears.

    She will back however as you rightly say.

  8. austintxx says:

    Great work you little Irish wench !!
    And also great pics. La Regina.

  9. uberduck says:

    OMG – please erase that GIF from my memory!

  10. boodog says:

    Oh geeeeeyaaaaaaaaad, Irishgirl! That last one is almost as nasty as the inspiration!
    Wonderful comparisons, too. Like night and day.

  11. Spike says:

    You know, I’ve always wanted to come & visit Ireland. You, Miss Irishgirl, make me want to come on over even more. I hope I can swing it someday. You’re rilly havin’ fun with this aren’t you? It shows. Good for you. You’re cracking me up. Carry on!

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