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Our Sarah – Updated!

It will be out in September! We may think we know Sarah Palin from all the coverage she has received in the political arena, but one-side depictions but media coverage is limited and, Sarah would even say, biased. OUR SARAH … Continue reading

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Dustup Between Palin and Romney Supporters

My travels over at  the sea o’ pee led me to a conservative site called Right Speak where they have been debating whether or not Palin was properly vetted. It seems as if the debate was initiated by Right Wingnut … Continue reading

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Palin’ Into Irrelevance – Update

E. J. Dionne  of the Washington Post and Adam Smith of the Tampa Bay Times appeared on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell last night. The discussion was centred on whether Mitt Romney was auditioning Marco Rubio of Florida for … Continue reading

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This Is What Hatred Does To You In A Few Short Years

Courtesy of The Immoral Minority I wonder would Chaney be checking her out now?

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Palin’s Continued GOP Decline

One can pick up all sorts of little snippets that otherwise might be missed over at C4P.  You just know if anyone demeans their queen there is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Well they were in an … Continue reading

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Great White shark kills international bodyboarder

Sad news out of South Africa. International bodyboarder David Lilienfelddied after being attacked by a Great White Shark near Cape Town. The shark lunged at the 20-year old bodyboarder three times before biting his leg “clean off,” one witness to … Continue reading

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Mad Dog Palin

Martin Bashir is not impressed with either David Chaney or Sarah Palin. Palin really let herself down badly with the dog comment on the GVS Show. The woman has a mental health problem and her family should get her the … Continue reading

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