The Natives Were Getting Restless

Apparently a new SarahPAC letter has been sent out to solicit donations. I won’t post it all, just the last few paragraphs.

My Tea Party friends are telling me that they’re even more excited about this Election than they were in 2010….

….because this November we have a chance to fire Barack Obama!

State by state, district by district – by bus, by plane, on the stump – you can count on me to do everything in my power to elect the candidates who share our vision for America.

Will you join my SarahPAC Revolution and help me elect pro-family, pro-America patriots who share our beliefs to Congress?

Thank you for helping me save the America we know and love!

Sarah Palin

PS Our victory in 2010 may have slowed the Obama liberals down but it hasn’t stopped them. Our chance to finish the job is finally here. We have our work cut out for us – but together we can make it happen.


However the natives are getting restless and  some of the dullards over at the sea o’ pee are not entirely happy with this. Here are a few comments from them on the matter.

I haven’t seen any for the primaries as of yet.  When SarahPAC contributed and endorsed in the 2010 cycle it was done mostly during the spring time.  I sent another request to SarahPAC yesterday asking why the site had not been updated with ANY 2012 picks but haven’t received a response.  I sent another request a few months ago and never received a response from them that time either.  The only picks on the SarahPAC website are for 2010. If I receive a response I will post it.  I trust Sarah 100% but the PAC that has her name on it is so far silent in this election cycle.  Even the candidates that SarahPAC HAS contributed to are not featured on the site as her 2012 picks.  If the site isn’t updated soon…it is going to cause a LOT of people to ask questions.  Sarah doesn’t run the day-to-day operations but it has her name on it and I don’t want to see her name questioned because the PAC is not updating the site.…


The most likely scenario is that SarahPAC would offset Sarah’s expenses if she hits the campaign trail for Mutt. I don’t care to support that, but I would be happy to support her efforts on behalf of conservative candidates for Congress.

There is nothing on the website, or in the letter, indicating which campaigns the PAC will support this go ’round.

Like you, I will be donating directly to campaigns, until there is clarification.

and for some, the idea of their money going to Romney is unacceptable

 I don’t want my hard earned and limited $$ going to support the Romney Campaign. Absent something definitive from SarahPAC on which campaigns they intend to support, I won’t be donating. And I have told them as much in an email I sent when the last fund raising letter circulated.

So what is a grifter to do? The PAC funds appear to be drying up!

I know – better endorse someone quick and appear interested. If the dullards won’t give money to the Romney campaign they might give it to other primary races.  So the Mama Grizzly  endorses Indiana state Treasurer Richard Mourdock in his primary challenge to veteran U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.). Mourdock is already ahead in the polls and McCain has already endorsed Lugar!

Did it work? What say the natives?

This is the showdown…Palin vs McCain (and the GOPe). If Lugar prevails, then the tea party influence has faded. If he wins, the entire credit goes to Sarah.


And where is she on other primaries that need her support?   I have emailed her repeatedly about the NE primary where we need her to vet the candidates and make an endorsement.  She is silent. I would accept that she did not endorse the candidate I am supporting, but I cannot accept her silence.  If she does not weigh in soon we will probably elect a crony capitalist….everything she says she loathes.

I cannot send her anymore money until she starts endorsing more candidates.


It’s so inspiring…

Sarah is the warrior’s warrior. When one avenue of the battlefield is closed, she manages to find another and gets right back into the thick of battle to help ultimately win the war.

Sarah Palin is truly an inspiration.


Ya i’m starting to get a  sence where Gov. Palin is going to be irrelevant in the upcoming  elections./:)

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One Response to The Natives Were Getting Restless

  1. MrsGunka says:

    Priceless!!! I think Sarah sees a big legal bill in her future with the prostitution problem. She is trying to get the rubes during the election cycle to bail her out! Elections? Picking a winner? Hope they figure her out before they are broke! It’s really sad people are this dumb to still believe in her.Wonder if they are going to re-wrap that bus and go around selling ChuckiesI,II book and pad her pack for their legal bills coming up. She will have to pull some names out of the hat so the rubes keep sending her money real soon.It was so easy in 2010! Even McCain knows which side the bread is buttered on.

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