Sarah Palin’s Boobs

Sarah Palin became mayor of Wasilla in 1996. In 2003, after an unsuccessful run for lieutenant governor, she was appointed Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, responsible for overseeing the state’s oil and gas fields for safety and efficiency. Palin’s daughter Piper was born on March 19, 2001. So for the first three years of Piper’s life her mother was *working* two full-time jobs with a break in between for a campaign run. As you know, I like to take a little trawl through her released emails every now and again, and I found this little series of emails from April 9th, 2008.

Debi Ballam, a lactation consultation writes to Sharon Leighow, the deputy press secretary with the following request.

Hi Sharon,

To reiterate: What Sara Palin wrote: Yeah! I learned with 4 kids, the longer length of breastfeeding the better. 1st Baby – 3 mon. 2nd Baby – 6 mon. 3rd Baby – 18 mon.4th Baby – 3 years We asked participants to write, “What breastfeeding means to me or someone I know” for use at future health fairs. We are using her quote, along with 20+ other quotes and pictures of Juneau babies, in a power point slide show. It will be displayed on a lap top computer at the Nugget Mall on Saturday from 9AM-1 PM. Out of respect and courtesy we are asking to put her name on her quote. It is a great message, and I think it will be more powerful coming from her. Please advise by tomorrow, as I will not be checking emails on Friday, and the Health Fair is Saturday.

Lest I seem “last minute” on this, please remember I sent the original email requesting this in early March. I know you are busy, just do not wish to appear that this was a last minute thought/after thought on my part.

Thank you, Debi Ballam Lactation Consultant Bartlett Regional Hospital


SL then emails Mrs. Palin:

 Governor Bartlett Regional would like to use a quote you gave them regarding breastfeeding. It sounds to me like you may have talked with them last year. Please let me know if this is okay with you.

Palin responds:

Well, yeah, but I hate to publicly admit that Piper wanted boob so long. Can we just say “even longer”? You had to know Piper at that age to understand how weird she was about boob.


SL emails her back:

Too funny! I will have them change it to “even longer” thanks


To which Palin responds:

Thanks Sharon. Thanks for working so hard, putting up with Juneau political bs, and being such a great person in the midst of all of this!

I told Piper that you needed to know the info: she said “NO! Tell her it was until about age one!” When I’d tell her back then “You’re two! That’s way too old for boob”, she’d ask if she could “just hold it”. Pretty weird if you ask me.

Also, hang in there – we’re almost out of here.., then we’ll be refreshed back in Anchorage where we don’t have to worry about what’s in the water.., because whatever it is down here makes for an odd atmosphere to try to conduct business. Hopefully Roseanne won’t think the Juneau scene is the norm.

This is what Governors spend their time discussing?

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6 Responses to Sarah Palin’s Boobs

  1. Eli says:

    “…Piper wanted boob…” I doubt that Piper wanted boob. What is a 3 year old going to do with a boob?! Maybe she wanted breast milk? These emails read like a script for a remake of Harper Valley P.T.A.

    John McCain, you sure know how to pick’em. What a crass and classless woman.

  2. fan of Mrs.G says:

    Ridicule and shame your own daughter to promote yourself, not exactly Mother of the year material.
    boob (slang) 1. a stupid person; fool; dunce.
    THE boob = Sarah

  3. MrsGunka says:

    To my #1 fan :-)…..She sure is a boob, isn’t she!!!?

    I just love that picture of the Belmont girls! Notice how Toad always has a big grin on his face when she wears them. I think he is a Boob man also too! Look, but don’t touch! You’ll be very disappointed if you do, big guy!

    Three years old? That’s a joke…she hardly ever saw her mom let alone nursed off her teet!

  4. ozmud says:

    Hi Irish – late to the party as usual but… I have a question:

    If it was so important to breastfeed her other four kids why didn’t she breastfeed Trig during the campaign? She once mentioned being up at 3am and switching between the blackberry and the breast pump, but to my knowledge that was the one and only comment made – and no one on the McCain staff ever mentioned her breastfeeding – which would have gone a long, long way toward endorsements from lactation groups, hospitals etc.
    Of course one can’t fake breastfeeding… there’s no prosthetic to wear… but that makes her iinitial ‘quote’ here so disturbing because it says her first four kids were important enough to breastrfeed but not her fifth.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Well, if that is true it is disturbing,

      However, I remember reading a comment at IM a long time ago when some local woman said that Palin was always talking about breastfeeding, yet only had bottles and formula in her baby bag. I suspect that Palin talked the talk, but didn’t walk the walk!

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