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The Boozy Floozy Tries To Get All Red, White And Bluesy

Yikes, the old hooah must be pretty steamed that Lizabeth Benacquisto lost her primary in Florida yesterday. She is off and running and flapping her gummy jaws again. She obviously wrote this pile of bullpucky herself. Having gone back and … Continue reading

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NY Post Pens Disgusting Letter To Chelsea Clinton’s Unborn Child

Rupert Murdoch’s paper The NY Post has sunk to a new low. Courtesy of The NY Post: Chelsea Clinton and her husband, hedge fund manager Marc Mezvinsky, are expecting their first child. Clinton, 34, made the announcement in the exact … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart Schools Hannity On Bundy Hypocrisy

The funny thing about all of this is that Bundy may be telling quite a few porkies. According to Americans Against The Tea Party… Bundy has claimed pre-emptive rights because of his family’s history on the land. “I’ve lived my … Continue reading

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Palin’s Belated Birthday Greeting

Holy cow. I am a day late to Palin’s latest Facebook post and it has been covered by other blogs, but I simply could not let this pass without a comment. Here are the photos that she posted. I have … Continue reading

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The Honey Badger

I got a little sick of talking about the old hooah (who forgot her *son’s* birthday). This delightful creature is far more worthy of our attention. [H/T to Sirenoftitan]

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Putin Rears His Head, Not Interested In Alaska

Oh yeah, Palin is so pissed off that Putin doesn’t want to invade Alaska. Courtesy of Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin fired back against Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday calling him a “silly little man” after he said … Continue reading

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Sarah PAC Finally Hands Some Money To Endorsed Candidates

Courtesy of The federal political action committee of former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin has had sudden surge in giving to U.S. Senate candidates around the country. Sarah PAC, reported it had receipts of $430,217 and disbursements of $461,368 during the first … Continue reading

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Irishgirl Pac and FEC u.

Send your dollars here. I will wear certain things and I am big into postage.  ;)

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Planning and Plotting, And Weeding And Potting

We have had very mild weather here. So I took to the great outdoors to do some much needed weeding. Also planning an assault on the Red States in June. Miami to New York by train. I will keep my … Continue reading

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Surfer Dude

Never introduce your child to water. This is what happens. And I live in Ireland.  

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