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The Honey Badger

I got a little sick of talking about the old hooah (who forgot her *son’s* birthday). This delightful creature is far more worthy of our attention. [H/T to Sirenoftitan]

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Putin Rears His Head, Not Interested In Alaska

Oh yeah, Palin is so pissed off that Putin doesn’t want to invade Alaska. Courtesy of Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin fired back against Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday calling him a “silly little man” after he said … Continue reading

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Sarah PAC Finally Hands Some Money To Endorsed Candidates

Courtesy of The federal political action committee of former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin has had sudden surge in giving to U.S. Senate candidates around the country. Sarah PAC, reported it had receipts of $430,217 and disbursements of $461,368 during the first … Continue reading

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Irishgirl Pac and FEC u.

Send your dollars here. I will wear certain things and I am big into postage.  ;)

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Planning and Plotting, And Weeding And Potting

We have had very mild weather here. So I took to the great outdoors to do some much needed weeding. Also planning an assault on the Red States in June. Miami to New York by train. I will keep my … Continue reading

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Surfer Dude

Never introduce your child to water. This is what happens. And I live in Ireland.  

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The Exceptional Land Of Freedom

Courtesy of FreakOutNation: Dramatically long lines in Florida drove away at least 201,000 voters in 2012 while waiting in some instances for over 6 hours and now that state faces another hurdle to cast a vote. The Miami-Dade County Elections Department … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin And Her Never Ending Daughter’s Jeans

I took the liberty of lightening the original photo. Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal: Sarah Palin is walking through a suite in the Peninsula New York Hotel in midtown Manhattan trying to find the great outdoors. The former GOP … Continue reading

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Like Mother Like Daughter

Echoes of the RNC? I thought of this poem. “MY MOTHER GETS DRESSED It is impossible for my mother to do even the simplest things for herself anymore so we do it together, get her dressed. I choose the clothes … Continue reading

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Eek – Windows XP Has Died

My pooter seemed to just die on me today. I had turned it on earlier and had no problems, apart from the usual grunts and groans it gives. It has twice been dropped on its head so it is not … Continue reading

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